5 tips for hosting the ultimate World Cup viewing party

Where will you be watching the FIFA World Cup?

While arrangements for this year’s tournament in Qatar have not been without controversy, the unusual timing of the competition means the outdoor screenings of World Cup matches which have popular in recent years may be replaced in favour of warmer winter options – such as gathering with friends to watch matches at home.

Where can I watch the World Cup on tv?

Live coverage of FIFA World Cup 2022 on TV in the UK will be screened across BBC and ITV. The World Cup final will be shared by both broadcasters.

How to host a private World Cup viewing party

Gathering to cheer on your football team from the comfort of your home? Here are Shark’s top 5 tips for creating a fun atmosphere in your home and watching the match in ultimate comfort:

1. Arrange it in advance

World Cup matches will take place throughout the week, during the day – the first England match is 1pm on Monday 21st November. Make sure to invite your pals round in plenty of time for them to make any necessary arrangements like booking time off work. You should also take time to give your home a pre-party tidy and do the all-important TV screen clean.

Don’t forget! You can’t charge any kind of entry fee or make any money from hosting a viewing, otherwise it’s counted as a commercial event which requires a licence. Don’t get in hot water with FIFA!

2. Plan your seating

Chances are you’ll have a few more people piled into your living room than you usually watch TV with, so your furniture set-up may not leave enough room for those extra footie fans. Make sure you have seats for all your guests, even if it means asking people to bring a chair, or simply add cushions and throws to the floor – and ensure everyone has a good view of the screen.

3. Plan some pre-match entertainment

Get the motivation pumping before the game with a round-the-world playlist, pre-match game of FIFA on the games console, or tournament predictions. If the weather is unseasonably warm, how about a BBQ and keepie-uppies in the garden?

4. Set up a World Cup sweepstake

While we all love to root for our home nation or a country with a personal connection, it can feel like putting all your eggs in one basket. Organise a simple sweepstake to give everyone a second team to cheer on – and potentially keep the magic going for even longer.

5. Go to town with snacks & drinks

Party food lends itself perfectly to a theme – you could pay tribute to qualifying teams with delicacies from around the world, exclusively serve football-shaped snacks, or release your inner star baker with creative cake icing.