How to clean your Shark Hair Dryer

There’s no better way to boost your mood than a fresh blow-dry – and it’s even better when you can create that stepped-out-of-the-salon look from the comfort of your own home.

To keep your Shark hair dryer in the best condition, we recommend cleaning it regularly, especially if you notice any visible dust build-up on the filter at the back of the unit.

Keep scrolling for a quick guide to cleaning your hair dryer:

How to Clean Your Shark FlexStyle Air Styler & Hair Dryer

Carefully slide the filter cover off the bottom of the FlexStyle wand. We recommend using a new toothbrush to clean any dust or debris off the filter. Replace the cover before using as normal.

How to Clean Your Shark STYLE iQ Hair Dryer

Your Shark STYLE iQ hair dryer comes with a small cleaning brush, specially designed for maintaining the filter. Gently brush away any lint, hair or dust on the vented area at the back of your hairdryer using the brush.

Other tips to keep your Shark hair dryer and styler in the best condition:

  • Ensure the cord is not knotted, twisted or wrapped around any nearby objects while you use your hair dryer
  • Store safely in a dry location away from water and heat sources

If you purchased your hair dryer directly from Shark, your 2-year guarantee is automatically registered. If you bought it from another retailer, you can register your guarantee with Shark within 28 days of purchase for extra peace of mind.