5 ways to keep warm this winter

We’re all looking for quick tips to help us keep warm this winter. These simple swaps and changes don’t take long but could help you to keep the heat in.

  1. Keep the oven door open after cooking
    After you’ve finished using your oven, leave the door open to allow heat you’ve already generated to circulate into your kitchen. This, and our other kitchen-based energy saving tips could also save you money.
  2. Dress in multiple layers  
    Base layers (sitting closest to your skin) should be made of fabric that locks in heat and wicks away sweat – avoid cotton as it traps in moisture. Then choose lightweight fleece for a mid-layer, followed by an extra jumper or insulated jacket. Boost warmth with blankets and throws, or a hot water bottle.
  3. Eliminate drafts
    Check windows and doors for gaps and drafts before the weather turns. Place draft excluders behind external doors to prevent cold air finding a way in – you can get tight-fitting plastic and weighted fabric versions online, but a rolled up towel works well as a homemade option.
  4. Stay active
    Avoid staying still for too long, if possible – moving around boosts your circulation and generates heat which can help to keep you warm.
  5. Let the sunlight in
    Wondering how to heat your house for free? In rooms which get plenty of light, open curtains or blinds during the day to let the sun naturally warm the room. It can be a good idea to focus your heating efforts on one main room – shut the door to unused rooms and turn off radiators.