Shark Hairdryer: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about the Shark hairdryer

Whether you’re obsessed with haircare, a tech enthusiast or Shark devotee, the recently-launched Shark STYLE iQ Hair Dryer & Styler is sure to be on your radar.

But what is the Shark hair dryer? What does it do, and what makes it different? Here’s everything you need to know about Shark’s innovative debut into the world of haircare:

A woman using the diffuser nozzle on her Shark hairdryer to enhance her natural curls

What is the Shark hair dryer and styler?

This all-in-one ionic hairdryer and styler combines rapid air power with next-generation intelligence for fast drying with no heat damage and styles that last – so you can effortlessly dry and style all hair types with salon results at home.

Why Shark? The home of intelligent technologies designed to make your life easier, Shark has applied its expertise in airflow technology to enhance your hair drying and styling routine.


How does it work?

iQ Technology combines rapid air power with next-generation intelligence, generating high-velocity heated, ionised air that quickly dries your hair with no heat damage. The result? More smoothness and shine, less frizz and fly-aways (versus air drying).

Complete with two Intelligent Stylers, this lightweight hair dryer also transforms into a versatile styling tool – drying and styling your hair at the same time.


What makes Intelligent Stylers different?

There’s no guesswork – the heat and airflow settings automatically adjust to suit the Intelligent Styler that’s attached, optimising results to create styles that last. So you can create your favourite looks with confidence.

You can also adjust the 3 temperature settings and 3 airflow settings manually to experiment with different results or follow your normal routine, giving you total flexibility.


What you get:

  • Concentrator
    Smooth & Style

The precision 2-in-1 concentrator is perfect for controlled, smooth drying. Use the wider opening for fast, gentle drying or extend the nozzle for a narrow airpath that smooths and shapes hair for super sleek blow dry styles.

  • Diffuser
    Lift & Define

The adjustable diffuser circulates airflow from root to tip to enhance natural curls. Extendable prongs easily reach and lift roots while the deep bowl provides maximum coverage and even drying.


Available to purchase separately:

  • Style Brush
    Sleek & Shine

The ultimate smoothing brush for salon-sleek results on all hair types. Gentle structured bristles detangle and dry your hair, while soft bristles style and smooth. 360° rotation lets you reach the back of your head with ease.


You can also lock in your style with the Cool Shot button to look and feel incredible, all day long.


Want to know more? Find out more about the Shark STYLE iQ Hair Dryer & Styler here.