Everything you need to know about Shark FlexStyle

The brand new Shark FlexStyle Air Styling & Drying System promises to transform your hair drying and styling routine – but what is it? How does it work? We take a closer look at the latest launch from Shark Beauty…

What is Shark FlexStyle?

With just a twist, Shark FlexStyle transforms between a powerful, fast hair dryer and a versatile air styler – so you can style while you dry, with no heat damage.

This sleek, lightweight hair styler comes complete with 5 attachments in the box, so you can create the looks you love at home. Lightweight and powerful, it’s perfect for speeding up your morning routine – and looks great on your dresser.

How does an air styler work?

Unlike hair straighteners or curling wands that make direct contact with your hair, air stylers use a directed flow of air to dry and style your hair, without extreme heat.

In fact, Shark FlexStyle measures heat 1,000 times per second, ensuring consistent air temperatures and no heat damage.

Which hair types does Shark FlexStyle work best on?

Shark FlexStyle is perfect for any hair type and any skill set. You can create a variety of styles on coily, curly, wavy and straight hair types with the 5 included attachments – from bouncy blow-dries and defined curls to smooth, straight locks and voluminous styles.

Which attachments are included?

You get an amazing 5 hair styling tools with your styler, so you can Curl, Straighten, Volumise, Smooth and Define your hair. You also get a storage case to keep your stylers organised and ready-to-go.

  • Auto-Wrap Curlers
    Change the way you curl – Coanda Technology wraps, curls and sets automatically. With two curler attachments, curl your locks in both directions for a flattering, face-framing finish.
    Best for straight & wavy hair.
  • Paddle Brush
    Straighten while you dry to speed up your routine. Smoothing bristles create added tension to straighten hair and add shine – perfect for sleek, straight styles.
    Best for straight, wavy, curly & coily hair.
  • Oval Brush
    Bring the bounce and turn up the volume. Detangling bristles comb through your hair, while smoothing bristles on the rounded edge take your hair’s shine to a new level.
    Best for straight, wavy, curly & coily hair.
  • Styling Concentrator
    Master smooth, stylish blow dries. Effortlessly dry and smooth your hair, with a rotating nozzle for easy styling at all angles.
    Best for straight, wavy, curly & coily hair.
  • Curl-Defining Diffuser
    Fast drying from root to tip. Purposefully designed to lift and define your curls, with extendable prongs to reach and lift roots.
    Best for curly & coily hair.

Do you get Coanda curlers with Shark FlexStyle?

Yes, Shark FlexStyle includes two Auto-Wrap Curler attachments, using Coanda Technology to automatically wrap hair around the barrel.

What is Coanda Technology?

Coanda Technology uses air power to gently wrap hair around the curler attachment, so there’s no need to touch the hair or tightly wrap it around the barrel. Simply watch the magic happen as you place your hair near the barrel – it automatically wraps around, creating hassle-free curls in seconds.

Can I see the Shark FlexStyle in action?

Watch the Shark FlexStyle work its magic and steal their style with how-to videos.

How many settings does Shark FlexStyle have?

Switch between 3 heat and airflow settings to customise your routine. Plus, press the Cool Shot button to lock in your style for all-day confidence.

How powerful is Shark FlexStyle?

This sleek hair dryer and multi-styler may be lightweight and compact, but it’s packed with power, delivering fast performance – without the wait. Perfect for speeding up your morning routine.

How big is Shark FlexStyle?

Weighing in at just under 700g, Shark FlexStyle is ultra-lightweight and comfortable to use. The compact design makes it the perfect travel companion.

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