How to Protect Your Hair from Heat Damage

How to protect your hair from heat damage

Did you know that the average human head has 120,000 hairs?

And with an endless selection of hair dryers, straighteners, curlers and heat styling tools available to us, we now have more ways than ever to style that hair – from bouncy blow-dries to beachy waves, poker-straight locks to perfectly defined curls.

But how do you make sure your hair stays strong, healthy and protected when you’re styling it with heat?

What is heat damaged hair?

Hair fibres contain keratin proteins – exposing your hair to excessive heat can cause damage to the bonds that hold these proteins together. You may notice damage in the form of split ends, limp or dull hair, loss of your natural curls or waves, or other changes in texture.

A woman with long blonde hair blow dries her hair with the shark style iq hairdryer protecting it from heat with ionised technology

How to protect your hair from heat damage:

1. Opt for an ionic hair dryer

You may have seen the term ‘ionic’ used in relation to hair dryers, but what does ionic actually mean?

Ionic technology creates negatively charged ions to break up the positively charged ions in the water on your hair. This helps to dry hair faster than a non-ionic hairdryer, reduces heat damage and also minimises frizz by closing the hair’s cuticle, to leave locks smooth and shiny.

The Shark STYLE iQ Ionic Hair Dryer & Styler generates high-velocity heated, ionised air for fast drying with no heat damage on all hair types. Find out more about heated air and ionised air.

2. Treat yourself to a deep conditioner

It’s a good idea to replenish your hair’s moisture levels with a hydrating hair mask, especially if you often style with heat. There are lots of types available – protein treatments can help to repair or minimise damage to split ends, while treatments specially formulated for colour-treated hair can help to prevent your hair colour from fading.

3. Use the right products

However you dry and style your hair, heat protection products are the simplest way to add extra protection into your haircare routine – think of it like wearing sun cream on your skin. Heat protectants are often lightweight sprays and mists but are heavier oils, serums and creams are also available. The right product for you will depend on your hair type – naturally dry hair can hold more moisture while you may prefer a lighter textured product if you have fine or oily hair.