How to get ready for Black Friday

The changing of the leaves and cooling weather doesn’t just mean autumn has arrived – it means the countdown is on to Black Friday!
For many shoppers, Black Friday is the best shopping event of the year. Perfectly placed in the run-up to Christmas, brands and retailers often offer their best products at amazing low prices – so it’s the perfect time to bag a bargain. In particular, technology and electronics are often heavily discounted at this time of year.

Shot from above, a couple shops online for black friday sale offers on a laptop

But how do you know which offers are worth your hard-earned cash?
We’re passionate about great customer experience, so we’ve put together our top tips to help you get ready for Black Friday:

1. Research, research, research

Remember, it’s only a bargain if you would have bought it anyway – avoid buying something just because it’s cheap.

Make a list of the products you want to keep an eye out for – perhaps it’s an air fryer for someone special’s Christmas present, a new laptop for work or a replacement vacuum for yourself. Research the brands and potential product features you would like, so when it comes to surfing the available offers you already have an idea of what you do and don’t want.

2. Set a spend limit

As well as researching the products you’re after, get an idea of how much they cost when they’re not on offer. Decide for yourself the maximum amount you would like to spend – and stick to it!

3. Compare prices across retailers

Don’t buy from the first place you check – the same products are often available across leading retailers, as well as directly from the manufacturer. Different shops and websites may offer variable savings and could even have the item you want in exclusive colours or with free gifts or extra perks

4. Don’t wait for the day itself

Although Black Friday itself refers to the last Friday of November, the term is now more generally used to mean the entire sale event, which can start in mid-November and last until Cyber Monday – the first Monday after Black Friday, traditionally when online savings would be biggest.

With offers now kicking off earlier than ever, it’s no longer always the best strategy to wait until the last minute, especially with popular items like games consoles and must-have gadgets. You might risk the item selling out, while prices are not guaranteed to drop towards the end of the event anyway. For extra reassurance, look out for retailers who offer a price-matching service.

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