Your Black Friday Questions Answered

Black Friday is now one of the most established shopping events in the calendar, offering major discounts on some of the biggest names in tech, home electronics, luxury goods and more. But where did Black Friday come from? And how do you get the best Black Friday savings?

How did Black Friday start?

Black Friday originated across the pond, in the USA. It is held on the day after Thanksgiving, which always falls on the fourth Thursday in November. It is considered the first day of the Christmas shopping season, with many people off work celebrating Thanksgiving and free to flock to the shops. Sales on the day after Thanksgiving have long been established in the US – from New York department store Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, established in 1924, to today’s Cyber Monday online sales.


Why is it called Black Friday?

Though the term was originally coined to refer to a Wall Street financial crash way back in 1869, in more recent years the name Black Friday has referred to the post-Thanksgiving retail period – when shops which would spend most of the year “in the red” finally made enough money to go “into the black”.


When did Black Friday become so big?

In the UK, Amazon was the first to introduce a Black Friday sale in 2010, followed by US-owned supermarket ASDA in 2013. Since then, Black Friday has become an established event across high street and online retailers across a wide range of categories.


How do I get the best deal on Black Friday?

Do your research! Decide what you’re interested in buying before the sales start, compare non-sale prices and decide what you’d like to spend. Stick to your list and budget to avoid overspending. When you find an offer you’re interested in, make sure you read customer reviews to ensure the item is as good as it seems – and always compare prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal out there.


What should I avoid on Black Friday?

To avoid Black Friday scams, be wary of buying from brands or retailers you’ve never heard of. Visit your preferred brands and retailers. It’s worth remembering that sales often start in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, so you may bag a bargain beforehand which can help avoid panic buying on the day itself.

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