Black Friday vs Boxing Day Sales, which is better?

If you’re hoping to bag a bargain in the seasonal sales, you might be wondering whether you should take the plunge over Black Friday or wait until Boxing Day. But which sale event is better?

The answer depends on quite a few factors, including your circumstances and the type of deal you’re looking for. Take a look at our checklist to help find the best bargain for you:

What kind of products are you looking to buy?

Typically, Black Friday deals have focused on technology, electricals and home appliances, whereas fashion and homeware historically shine over Boxing Day – however, bigger retailers and brands may now run offers over both periods.

If you’ve got your eye on something, it’s always worth tracking prices over the months leading up to sales season so you know whether you’re getting a standard offer or an extra deal – there are also several free tools online to do this for you.

Are you buying gifts or shopping for yourself?

Although this time of year can feel like one constant sale, there’s quite a time difference between November and January. If you’re shopping for yourself, you might be happy to wait until the new year to secure your goods – however Black Friday is often a great time to buy gifts if you need them before Christmas.

While the super-organised could grab next year’s pressies in the Jan Sales, steer clear of electricals that might be outdated by next Christmas or beauty products with a short shelf life.

What did they do last year?

With the internet at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to find out when the shop or brand you’ve got your eye on released their best deals last year. While this isn’t a guarantee they won’t change their plans this year, it could give you an idea of when your ideal item might get discounted.

When will you next have disposable cash?

There’s no doubting November is an expensive time of year, with the pressure to purchase presents and extra food adding to ever-increasing living costs. Many shoppers won’t have much spare cash to play with before Christmas, so don’t feel pressured to purchase discounted items during Black Friday just because they’re on sale.

With Christmas over and fewer social events on the horizon, January could be a better time to treat yourself – especially if you’re lucky enough to receive vouchers or money as gifts.

What is your spending limit?

As Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert says, “It’s not a saving if you weren’t going to buy it anyway”.

If you don’t need it or can’t afford it, is it worth spending your cash on? Before the season’s deals are released, it’s a great idea to decide on the specific items you’d be willing to purchase if the price is right, research their current price, and set a spending limit to keep yourself on track.