7 Christmas Gifts for the House Proud Person

by SharkClean
on 29 November 2016

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the special people in your life. And if one of those people is particularly house proud, it might be a good idea to buy something that reflects their love of cleanliness.

Give the gift of a happy, clean and tidy home this year with one of these great gifts for the house proud person.


No, they aren’t just slippers you wear when mopping your floors. Cleaning slippers are comfortable and warm, but they also have microfibre cleaning threads on the sole. So you can clean your hard floors as you walk about your home. This ingenious form of footwear has really taken off in recent years, and there are now several fun designs to choose from, including bears, rabbits and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!


That special person in your life can remove grease, dust, fingerprints and a whole host of nastiness in seconds with a tub of cleaning putty. Scented with citrus, cleaning putty is exactly what it says on the tub. Simply press the putty onto almost any smooth surface to remove dirt and dust in an instant. This is a great cleaning solution for people who like to clean as they move around the home doing other things. And it also works a treat on gadgets and electrical appliances.


Window cleaning is often one of the most boring and laborious tasks in the home. But you can put your feet up whilst the latest technology wipes and polishes for you. The latest robot window cleaners attach themselves to windows and perform a deep clean of even the grimiest of glass. On-board sensors tell the robot exactly where the edges of a window are, so the robot navigates the entire surface area without bumping into anything. Some versions of this technology calculate the most efficient cleaning path with artificial intelligence, giving windows an all-over shine without missing bits or leaving streaks.


This little ball of fur will whizz around your home, cleaning hard floors and picking up dust and dirt. The ball’s in-built sensors can identify obstacles, so the fur ball can avoid them while ensuring every inch of floor is covered. There is also a timer you can set, so you decide how often your little fur ball gets to work. The cover is machine washable, and the ball itself runs on three AA batteries.


People who clean their home constantly need small and mobile cleaning tools to make their job as easy as possible. The Shark Rocket Handvac Vacuum Cleaner is highly mobile and surprisingly light for the power it delivers. This ergonomically designed cleaning tool is ideal for cleaning in a hurry, and for performing quick clean-ups. Whether it’s being used to remove crumbs from your carpet or pet hair in your car, this powerful vacuum cleaner is ideal for accessing awkward areas in a hurry.


This powerful and portable cleaning tool kills up to 99.9% of potentially harmful bacteria by using UV-C light. This same technology is being used to kill bugs such as MRSA in hospitals. The light penetrates viral and bacterial membranes and destroys their DNA. Just hold the light over a surface for 30 to 60 seconds to sanitise door handles, remote controls, light switches and kitchen surfaces.


That special person in your life can have perfectly folded clothes every time with a laundry folder at their disposal. This relatively simple contraption lets you fold shirts in three simple steps. And the neater the folds, the neater the wardrobe — which is very important for the average house proud person.

Bestow the gifts of cleanliness and tidiness on your loved ones this Christmas with items that make household chores a breeze.