7 Things Owners of a Clean Home All Have in Common

by SharkClean
on 6 February 2018

Most of us have at least one friend whose house always seems to be spotless. And no matter how hard we try, we always struggle to keep our own home looking the same way. Unless the person has professional help, there really are no big secrets involved — hard work, planning and organisation are at the heart of any perpetually clean home.

So rather than simply trying to replicate that level of cleanliness and organisation in your home, why not replicate the behaviours of homeowners instead? There are certain characteristics and approaches that owners of a clean home all have in common, and here are seven of the most compelling.


For the uninitiated, CAYG stands for “clean as you go”. Yes, the owners of spotless homes have cleaning on their mind 24/7. They can’t pass a kitchen bench or a windowsill without dragging a cloth over it. They can’t walk through a room without giving the carpet a once over. And they can’t ever cook a meal without washing each dish as it presents itself.


Keep cleaning materials and agents at hand in every room, and use every spare second you have to wipe, mop, polish, vacuum and steam clean. Little and often is the way to go.

2. There is no laundry day

Owners of a perpetually clean home never observe the traditional laundry day… every day is laundry day. Combine this point with the CAYG approach, and your laundry pile will rarely exceed a single load.

3. They use steam

Too many householders waste precious time and energy furiously scrubbing, scraping and polishing surfaces in the home. In many cases, a handheld steam cleaner removes dirt, grease, grime and bacteria at the same time — with minimal effort. Whether you’re cleaning upholstery, kitchen tiles, work surfaces, carpet, windows, toilets or just about anything in your home, there’s a good chance that steam can lighten the load and deliver exceptional results.

4. They always have hot, soapy water in the sink

If you have a busy family home, you’re probably fighting a constant battle against dirty dishes. But perhaps this is because you only act when you notice a significant accumulation of dirty cutlery, crockery and utensils. If you’re constantly washing dishes, the moment they’re finished with, your kitchen will always be clean, presentable and ready for action.

5. They wipe down the bathroom after every shower or bath

Super-efficient homeowners are always aware of when people are using the bathroom. To prevent build-ups of mould, mildew, grime, watermarks and limescale, they quickly wipe down all wet surfaces after every use. This means the bathroom always looks its best, and there are rarely any major cleaning jobs that need attention.

6. They always have a schedule for the bigger cleaning jobs

Cleaning as you go will only ever get you so far. There are certain cleaning jobs that require your personal attention on a regular basis, including cleaning your oven, your windows and your mattresses. The house proud owner who always seems to be in control has these jobs on a written schedule, and he or she sticks to it without exception.

7. They have the best possible tools for the job

Owners of perpetually clean homes don’t compromise when it comes to the tools they use; this would be a false economy. Instead, they invest in the most powerful, ergonomically designed vacuum cleaners and steam mops. This ensures jobs are completed to the highest possible standard every time. And in many cases, it frees up time that can be spent on other cleaning jobs.


If you can adopt just two or three of these best practices, the cleanliness of your own home should improve overnight.