What are the least smelly dog breeds?

Fellow dog lovers will agree, we’re quick to forgive our beloved pets for their sometimes less-than-desirable hygiene habits – but when it comes to keeping the house clean, how can you make sure your home doesn’t smell like your dog?

Wondering which dog breeds are the least smelly?

Of course, all dogs have a natural smell – but some factors such as coat length and size can mean certain dog breeds are smellier than others. Here are 5 low-odour suggestions:

  1. Bichon Frise
    This small, fluffy bundle of joy is also considered a low-allergy choice as they don’t shed much fur.
  2. Chihuahua
    Short-haired chihuahuas tend to need little grooming, however they should be brushed regularly.
  3. Whippet
    A mid-sized dog that resembles a greyhound, whippets have smooth, short coats that need little grooming.
  4. Papillon
    Despite having long, silky hair, it’s easy to keep a papillon odour-free with regular brushing and grooming.
  5. Yorkshire Terrier
    These small, popular lap dogs have a coat similar to human hair – a daily brush and you’re done.

Want to know how to minimise dog odours in your home?

What is the quickest way to remove dog smells from carpets & upholstery?

Firstly, vacuum to remove all loose and embedded hair and dander, which can harbour odours. You can also gather hair by putting on a rubber glove and sweeping your hand over the sofa. Brush with a lint roller and spray with an anti-bacterial or odour-neutralising spray for a quick freshen up.

How do you remove pet stains from carpets & upholstery?

Act quickly for best results – sponge the affected area with a cold solution of washing up liquid and water, then blot until dry. For tougher stains, sponge with a solution of white vinegar and water. Washable fabrics such as cushion covers can be soaked overnight in diluted detergent, before washing as normal.

How do you stop your vacuum cleaner smelling like dog?

Over time, a build-up of dog hair, dust and dander can cause vacuum cleaners to smell – this is very common and doesn’t affect performance, but can be unpleasant to use.

Make sure you empty your vacuum after every use, and clean the filters monthly to prevent odours like dog smells from building up – you can also wipe out the inside of the dust cup with a damp cloth. Make sure all parts are fully dry before reassembling, and never add anything to the unit.

Looking for your next vacuum? Take a look at Shark Anti-Odour Technology – available on Stratos corded and cordless vacuums, this unique feature protects against bad odours inside the dust cup for a fresher-smelling home – perfect for homes with dogs.

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