New Year traditions around the world

Forget making the same old New Year’s Resolutions. This year, we’re taking inspiration from good luck traditions around the world…

  1. Smash plates for your loved ones – Denmark
    Danish people visit the homes of their friends and family to smash a plate on each doorstep – the more broken crockery in front of your home on New Year’s Day, the luckier you are.
  2. Jump over 7 waves – Brazil
    Head to the beach and jump seven waves to increase your good luck in the new year – you get to make a wish for every wave.
  3. Pack an empty suitcase – Columbia
    This tradition sees participants take an empty suitcase and run around the block as fast as they can to ensure a year filled with travels!
  4. Sleep on mistletoe – Ireland
    Looking for love? Pop a spring of mistletoe under your pillow on 31st December and rumour has it you’ll dream of your future partner.
  5. Float your wish in the river – Singapore
    Hopes and wishes are written on giant white “wishing spheres” and thrown into the Singapore River, where up to 10,000 spheres float gently into the new year.
  6. Burn a scarecrow – Ecuador
    Bonfires are a common New Year’s Eve sight in Ecuador, with effigies at the centre – these represent the “año viejo,” or “old year”, burning away any bad events of the previous year and making room for a good year to come.
  7. Go dotty for round things – Philippines
    Anything circular is considered good luck at this time of year as it symbolizes money – so eat round fruits, wear polka dots and carry coins to boost your finances in the 12 months ahead.
  8. Hang up some onions – Greece
    Onions have long been a symbol of rebirth and development, since this hardy vegetable is excellent at putting down roots – hang a string of onions on your door to promote growth in the new year.

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