Storage solutions for small homes

Struggling with storage? It’s all too easy for small homes to fill with clutter. After all, a little mess goes a long way in smaller homes – just a few possessions out of place can easily make a bijous living space look untidy.

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However, a little bit of imagination and some clever storage solutions can help to ensure there’s a place for everything, and everything in its place…

1.Look beneath the surface
Fix hooks to the underside of kitchen shelves or wall-mounted cupboards for extra storage space – perfect for lightweight items such as tea towels, cooking utensils or pans. Be careful not to overload them and never hang anything above the hob.


2. Think outside the cupboard

Seeking extra storage space? Look for less obvious recesses to install extra shelving or cupboards, such as around doorways, in corridors or high up. TIP: Store lesser-used items in high up or harder-to-access cupboards and keep everyday items close to hand.


3. Don’t box yourself in

Too many uniform shelves can make a small room look boxy and feel cramped – opt for relaxed-style ladder shelves that are wider at the base and narrow at the top, or try staggered wall shelves, to keep more of the wall visible and create the illusion of space.


4. Go up the wall (with your bike)
No garage? No problem. Make like the chicest city dwellers and invest in wall-mounted bicycle storage – there are plenty of wall hanging bike stands on the market ranging, from heavy-duty sports models to style-conscious displays verging on modern art.


5. Sleep on it
Low-slung bedframes may look good in magazines, but if you’re short on storage space don’t underestimate the power of a raised bedframe – from Scandi-style frames with plenty of room underneath for airtight storage boxes to divan beds with built-in drawers, bed storage is perfect for storing seasonal clothes, suitcases or lesser-used items.

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