Tips for cleaning your rented home before you move

Are you leaving your rented home?

According to the Deposit Protection Scheme, a whopping 56% of deposit disputes are the result of insufficient cleaning, making it the number 1 cause for end-of-tenancy deposit disputes!

Thankfully, giving the property a full clean can help to keep you on good terms with your landlord. Just don’t forget to clean these easy-to-miss areas before you move out…

Image of a small bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows behind the bed. Tips for how to clean your rental home before leaving. Shark clean UK vacuums

1.Behind appliances
No matter how often you vacuumed during your tenancy, there is likely to be dust behind the fridge or washing machine! Pull freestanding appliances out from the wall slightly and use your vacuum’s wand and crevice tool to reach hidden cobwebs.


2. Inside the oven
Cooking splashes, grease and burnt-on food can all make the inside of the oven dirty – but it’s an area that’s highly likely to be inspected. The easiest way to clean your oven is with a purpose-designed cleaning agent, which often includes bags to soak the wire racks and cooking trays in. You could also use a handheld steam cleaner to remove grease and grime without chemicals.


3. Deep clean the bathroom
Remember that end-of-tenancy inspections are very thorough – remove mould, soap scum and limescale build-up from metallic fittings such as taps, overflows and drain covers. If possible, detach the showerhead and soak overnight before gently wiping with a soft cloth and replacing.


4. Skirting boards
When vacuuming the floors, remember to tackle nooks and crevices such as skirting boards and decorative moulding. Attach a dusting brush to your vacuum cleaner’s wand to remove dirt, then run a damp cloth along the area to capture any final dust.

5. Hallways and staircases
If you’re cleaning your home room-by-room, it’s easy to overlook in-between passageways and stairs – but they are often high-traffic areas which gather a lot of dirt. Give carpets a deep clean using your vacuum cleaner’s strongest suction setting and thoroughly vacuum each step on the stairs, checking walls for any scuff marks or dirt as you go.