Simple Storage Solutions

Having the whole family at home can result in a whole lot of mess. These simple storage hacks could help restore some calm in the chaos – from keeping kid’s toys tidy, to knowing where the TV remote is in an instant…

Divide and conquer

Drawer dividers help you make the most of the space you already have. Not only can you grab the item you want straight away, you can often actually fit more into your drawers when everything is stored neatly.

While you can buy ready-made drawer dividers, it’s easy to make your own. All you need is sturdy ridged cardboard and scissors. Simply cut strips to fit horizontally across your drawer, cutting slots to allow a second strip running vertically to intersect.

Label everything

Forever searching through drawers and cupboards for a tape measure, spare batteries or exactly the right size screwdriver? A label maker can be a valuable investment when it comes to home storage hacks, helping you know what’s in each drawer, box or compartment at a single glance – and makes it easier to tidy everything away.

Forever mixing up the self-raising with the plain flour? Try storing dry cooking ingredients like pasta, rice and sugar in labelled food storage containers or mason jars to make life easier in the kitchen.

Up, up and away!

We’re often so focused on finding more space in cupboards and drawers, we forget that walls can be valuable storage solutions in themselves.

Hang up a pegboard to make the most of vertical space – these handy boards let you configure hooks, shelves and hanging rails exactly where you need them. From craft supplies to DIY essentials, photos, memos and shopping lists to clothes pegs and stationery, they’re perfect for keeping easy-to-lose items handy – no bulky furniture needed.