Simple hacks to help you clean your home in a hurry

Clean your home in a hurry with these simple hacks

No time? No problem. Little and often is the key with 5 quick cleaning hacks to help keep your home clean when time is of the essence…

  1. Let household items clean themselves

You can’t be in two places at once – but you can set the cleaning wheels in motion and leave your chores to do themselves overnight, or while you go about your day.

Did you know you can remove rust from metal tools by soaking them overnight in a tray of coca cola? Just as you can leave pots, pans and baking sheets to soak in warm soapy water to make removing stubborn food easier.

If you live in a hard water area, chalky limescale deposits can build up inside your kettle – to clean with minimum disruption, simply add freshly cut lemon slices to your kettle with water, bring to the boil and then leave overnight. In the morning, the lemon’s citric acid will have loosened the limescale so all you need to do is rinse.

  1. Keep cleaning supplies accessible

Microfibre cloths and antibacterial spray will get a lot of cleaning jobs done, fast. If you keep a small basket or box of these essentials handy in several rooms throughout your home, you can tackle jobs immediately and stop tasks piling up.

Spot a spillage? Detect some dust? Grab your nearest cloth and get it sorted as soon as you notice it.

  1. Help your vacuum to help you

Keep your cleaning equipment in top condition to maintain its powerful performance and make every clean count.

As well as emptying your vacuum cleaner’s dust cup and washing any removable filters, regularly wipe over attachments with a dry microfibre cloth and remove any hair from bristles to ensure you’re not spreading dust around your home.

  1. Target one room at a time

It’s easy to start cleaning in one room, only to find misplaced possessions that need to be put away in another room. Before you know it, you’re darting all over your home getting distracted by cleaning tasks – but never finishing a whole room.

If you’re short on cleaning time, pick one room and focus all your efforts there. Start logically at one end or side of the room – save any items that need moving to another part of your home until the end of your clean.

  1. Keep surfaces tidy

A tidy home instantly looks cleaner than a messy home. You’ll also be more inclined to clean if you don’t have to undertake a huge tidy-up operation first.

Wiping surfaces is easier if you keep them clutter-free, while clear floors and surfaces can be vacuumed in moments. If you keep floors and surfaces clear of clutter, a quick vacuum round or speedy wipe over becomes just that – fast.

6. Plan a reward

Even if you’re short on time, it’s important to take a moment to appreciate all your hard work! Plan time into your schedule to relax with a cup of tea and enjoy your tidy home.