The best way to clean a fridge

What is the best way to clean a fridge?  

Even the best-kept fridge needs a bit of attention from time to time. Easily deep clean your refrigerator with this handy guide…  



1.Eat up
You’ll need to remove the contents of your fridge to give it a good clean, so it’s easiest to wait until food stocks are low. If you can, time your clean for the day before your next big food shop! Put any meat or dairy products in a cool bag filled with ice-packs to help keep them fresh while you clean. 

2. Throw out
It’s a good idea to keep on top of expiration dates and immediately throw away gone-off food and drink – not only does this reduce the risk of food poisoning but should also help to keep your fridge smelling fresh. Take the opportunity to check use-by dates on those often-forgotten sauces, spreads and jars!

3. Take apart
Take out any removable shelves, salad crisper drawers and door attachments. Fill drawers with a dash of washingup liquid and hot water and leave to soak. Add shelves and small parts to a sink of soapy water while you tackle the fridge interior.

4. Wipe down 
The easiest way to clean inside your fridge is to spray with a diluted solution of white vinegar and water, then wipe with a clean sponge or microfibre cloth. Avoid using hot water as this may raise the temperature of the fridge, meaning it will take longer to cool down before you replace your foodLook out for nooks and crannies where dirt may gather such as shelf runners and temperature dials – a cotton bud or toothbrush works well to clean grooves and fiddly areas. 

5. Put back
Leave shelves and drawers to drain naturally or dry with a clean tea towel, then replace in the fridge and wait until the internal temperature reaches 5°C or below before putting food back in  wipe any drips from the outside of bottles and food packaging as you refill the fridge to stop your hard work being instantly undone! 

Top tip: whilst you can purchase ‘fridge deodorisers’, which are often made of odour-absorbing charcoal or gel, natural remedies work just as well – a ramekin of baking soda or freshly ground coffee can absorb smells in 24 hours. 

6. Remember the outside!
Your fridge handle and surrounding area are touched multiple times a day. Give them a frequent spritz of antibacterial spray and wipe with a soft cloth. Don’t forget to dust the top and sides of your fridge where dust and allergens may have collected.