How to quickly remove wrinkles without an iron

Sometimes those neatly folded clothes can get jumbled around your suitcase. So, when you want to look your best, the last thing you need are wrinkles in your outfit. This can be especially tricky if you’re caught out without access to an iron or ironing board.

No need to start Googling. We’ve got you covered, with some time-saving hacks, and tips to avoid.

How to remove creases without an iron

Here are two easy tricks to banish wrinkles fast if you don’t have an iron on hand.

1. Try a steamy shower

Run your shower as hot as possible, but take care not to scald yourself if your shower gets very hot. Next, close any windows to create a sauna-like environment. Then hang your clothes nearby, so that they’ll become damp from the air, but not soaked. Light wrinkles should fall out within 10-15 minutes. You can also help things along, by smoothing out wrinkles with your hands.

2. Use the tumble dryer

Dampening your clothes and a quick 15-minute spin in the dryer could sort those wrinkles right out.

How to remove wrinkles without an ironing board

Again, if time allows the dryer trick could work if you don’t have an ironing board. Or you could make a makeshift ironing board by placing a damp guest towel onto your dining table. Just make sure the towel is clean.

Clothes ironing tips to avoid

Ignoring the fabric care label

That little tab of fabric can tell you whether you can safely use steam or it’s safe to use heat. And it can help you avoid burning a hole into your favourite wool jumper.

Boiling water in a pan or kettle

Boiling water in a metal pan or kettle to turn them into a makeshift iron might sound like a good idea. But is it worth scalding yourself? To make matters worse, you may also iron hot grease, remnants of last night’s Bolognese or rust into your clothing.

Using a hair straightener

Some claim hair straighteners can iron wrinkles out of shirt cuffs, sleeves and collars, without the need for a board. But as they’re designed for hair, they could burn holes into delicate fabrics and damage buttons. You may also risk staining your clothing with product residue or rust.