Folding guide: fold and organise your clothes like a professional

Whether you want to make the most of your suitcase space for travel or just need to organise your wardrobe at home, carefully folding your clothes can maximise storage, minimise wasted space, and keep them in good condition. It can even mean there’s no need to iron your clothes before wearing them!

Check out these top tips to have your clothes folded and organisers like a professional, without the fee:

What’s the best way to fold clothes?

A ‘clothes folding board’ is a great gadget, particularly if you struggle with dexterity in your hands. This sheet of plastic is divided into 6 sections and hinged so that each section folds towards the middle – simply place your item of clothing on the board and fold each hinged section over in turn to create a neat rectangle.

You can also find tutorials online to make your own shirt folding board from a large piece of cardboard, such as a flattened cardboard box. You’ll need scissors and a ruler to ensure straight lines.

Folding the old fashioned way? There are lots of ways to fold, but here are some of our favourite methods:

How to fold a shirt or T-shirt

  • Fasten all buttons and place the shirt on its front
  • Fold each sleeve inwards, one side at a time
  • Long sleeves should cross over at the back, then fold them upwards from the elbow so that they touch the collar
  • Fold the sides inwards from the shoulder seam, so they meet in the middle
  • Fold up from the hem in thirds

 How to fold a jumper or hoodie

  • Place the jumper on its front
  • If the jumper has a hood, ensure it is lying flat
  • Fold each sleeve inwards, horizontally across the back of the jumper
  • Fold the sides inwards from the shoulder seam, so they meet in the middle
  • Fold up from the hem in thirds


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How to fold socks

  • Place 2 socks on top of each other, heel facing upwards, so they form a plus sign (+)
  • Fold the toe of the first sock inwards towards the centre and tuck in the end
  • Fold the cuff of the same sock inwards and tuck in
  • Repeat with the other sock
  • You’ll be left with a neat square which is perfect for saving space in your sock drawer and easily finding the pair you want

How to fold jeans

  • Lay the jeans on their back and fold in half lengthways, so the legs are perfectly lined up
  • Fold the legs in half, bringing the ankles up to the waistband
  • Fold upwards towards the waist in thirds

Folding and organising tips:

  • Smooth the clothes with your hand between each fold to minimise wrinkling – this is especially important if you’re travelling without an iron
  • Stacking folded clothes saves space on wardrobe shelves, while horizontally storing clothes side-by-side in drawers makes it easier to see what you’ve got
  • Regularly declutter your wardrobe to keep it tidy. Famous organising consultant Marie Kondo advises holding each item and asking yourself whether it still ‘sparks joy’ – if the answer is no, consider donating it to charity and freeing up the space.