How to Prepare for a Street Party

Whether you’re celebrating the jubilee weekend with a street party or hosting a garden party fit for a queen, the first step is to get your outside space looking as good as a royal residence.

Work through this quick checklist to prepare for the perfect outdoor get-together this summer…

    1. Imagine you’re a guest
      You know what your home looks like – but imagine seeing it through fresh eyes. The entryway is likely to draw your eye, so start by sweeping any paths, porches or driveways that lead to your home, wiping down exterior doors and windows, removing cobwebs from any outside lighting, doorbells or door knockers, and checking that bulbs are in good working order
    2. Refresh outdoor furniture
      Whether you’re providing extra chairs for a street party or hosting in your own garden, thoroughly wash down outside furniture with an all-purpose cleaning solution and sponge to remove any mildew or outside dirt
    3. Tackle quick gardening jobs
      No need to carry out a complete garden makeover – simply weeding the lawn or patio, trimming dead stems from plants, sweeping away leaves and trimming any unruly hedges can make a huge difference to the look of your space
    4. Walk from the door to the kitchen or bathroom
      Even though your event is outside, if guests will be popping into your home at all it’s a good idea to walk the route they will take and ensure hallways are clean and floors are clear from debris
    5. Light it up
      Solar-powered lights are an easy, relatively low-cost way to add high-impact elegance outside, from strings of ethereal fairy lights to industrial-style bulbs lining a path or fence – perfect for adding after-dark drama to your garden