5 ways to remove dog hair from clothes

There’s nothing like snuggling up to a beloved pet – not only for the constant companionship and unconditional love of sharing your home with a furry friend, but studies also show petting a familiar dog has multiple health benefits including lowering blood pressure and heart rate, relaxing muscle tension and slowing breathing.

The cost of all those perks? Dog hair everywhere. With most breeds shedding their fur for at least some of the year, all those cuddles can mean fluff and dog hair embedded into your clothes.

So what is the best way to get dog hair out of clothes? Check out 5 home remedies to banish fur from your wardrobe…

  1. The power of gloves
    If you don’t have a lint roller to hand, here’s a homemade option – put on a rubber washing up glove, rinse it under water until damp, then run it across the fabric. Hair will stick to the damp rubber. Sticky tape also works a treat – wrap it around your hand sticky-side out and dab over clothes to remove loose hair.
  2. Let off steam
    A handheld steamer is not only great for freshening up fabrics and removing wrinkles from your favourite pieces, but the steam also helps to ease the fabric, loosening pet hair and making it easier to brush off.
  3. Time to tumble
    If you have a tumble dryer, try placing the item of clothing into the drum with a dryer sheet – these nifty items have anti-static properties which help to repel the hair. Run the dryer for about 10 minutes on low or no heat. Woollen dryer balls can also help to loosen pet hair and prevent creases in your clothing – bonus!
  4. Banish the static
    You can purchase anti-static spray which prevents static electricity from building up on fabrics, and therefore helps to stop pet hair sticking – but it’s also easy to mix up your own. In a spray bottle, mix 3 parts water with 1 part fabric conditioner to create an anti-static spray – spritz lightly over fabrics then wipe it off. Note: Always test on a small discreet area first.
  5. Turn to the vacuum
    A pet vacuum cleaner with an upholstery or pet hair attachment is perfect for removing stubborn dog hair from sofas, stairs, cushions and curtains – however you should use with caution on clothes to avoid accidentally damaging your fabrics.

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