How to bring Autumn inside

There’s nothing like the changing leaves and cooler days to tempt us into hibernating at home. Here’s how to decorate your home for autumn and easily transform your space into a cosy retreat…



Light up your life

Ever wonder why certain scents can trigger a specific memory? Our sense of smell is strongly linked to emotions and memories. After a scent is processed by your brain’s olfactory bulbs, the information is carried to the amygdala – the same area of the brain that processes emotions – and then taken to the hippocampus which has a major role in learning and forming memories.

Lighting a candle with a cosy, familiar smell, such as woodfire, baking cookies or your favourite flowers, could instantly transport you to a pleasant memory and therefore boost your mood.


Scent is oil you need

Why stop at candles? Equal parts white vinegar and water are all you need to create a homemade all-purpose cleaner – simply add a few drops of essential oil to your mixture for a pleasant scent every time you spritz.

Lemon oil and tea tree oil are refreshing options, or you could use a more seasonal scent – from wild orange to cosy cinnamon – sure to boost your mood whenever you need to wipe down the kitchen worktop.

(Avoid using on marble, stone or granite surfaces).


Bring the outside in

Plants and flowers can transform an interior to match any season, from a bunch of bright daffodils in Spring to a ruby-red poinsettia at Christmas. In autumn, a bouquet of golden-hued dried flowers and ochre foliage perfectly echoes the colours of the natural world.


Swap your décor

Few people have the time or inclination to redecorate their home every season, but there a few simple switches you can make to instantly reflect the season and switch up your surroundings.

Twinkling string lights add a touch of magic as the evenings draw in – indoors or outdoors – while swapping your year-round table linen, blankets and dinnerware for autumnal hues can make a big impact.


Craft but not least

Autumnal crafts are fun for all ages, with plenty of inspiration available online. For little ones, try collecting dried leaves, pinecones and sticks on an autumnal walk then bringing them home to create a colourful collage or even a crown made of natural treasures. For adults, long evenings can be the perfect time to learn a new hobby such as knitting, crochet, quilting, painting or drawing.

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