5 interior design trends for Autumn 2022

With autumn just around the corner, staying-in season is fast approaching – we’re thinking cosy nights at home and weekends spent sheltering from the weather.

If all that extra time indoors inspires you to refresh your home décor for 2022, here are 5 need-to-know interior design trends to watch this Autumn:

Vintage treasures

Show off sustainable style by adding vintage and pre-loved pieces to your home, giving older objects a new lease of life. Whether you prefer retro mid-century modern furniture or older antiques, hunting for one-off items is a great weekend pastime without the guilt of buying new.

Top tip: While there are plenty of vintage traders selling homeware on resale sites and apps, don’t forget to check out antiques fairs, car boot sales and thrift markets for undiscovered gems at a fraction of the price.

Neutral & natural

Take it back to nature with a stripped-back approach to design – think unvarnished wood, rustic textures, raffia and wicker furniture, wool blankets and neutral tones. Simplicity is key to create a calm haven to counteract from the busy stresses and digital noise of modern life. Perfect for cosying up with a good book this autumn.

Top tip: Look out for handmade homewares and authentic, small-scale crafters.

Candy colours

Fancy something a bit bolder? Instagram is awash with pastel pops, from sherbet lemon yellows and mojito greens to Barbie pink and flamingo fuchsia. For an on-trend take on the look, try extending your wall colour up onto the ceiling, skirting boards, radiators and doorframes – this gives a modern finish, encompassing the whole room in joyful colour.

Open shelving

Perhaps we’re hankering for a simpler lifestyle, but the open shelving popular in traditional farmhouse kitchens is making a serious comeback. Not only does open shelving make it easier to grab pots, pans, plates and utensils in a hurry, but gives you an opportunity to show off your favourite serving dishes and glassware.

Top tip: Worried open shelves might gather dust? Make sure the items on display are your most-used kitchen essentials, so everything is in use daily.

Retro revival

Rebelling against the straight lines and high-gloss finishes of recent years, retro shapes and styles are everywhere in autumn 2022 – think rounded, mid-century modern chairs and coffee tables with hairpin legs, circular mirrors and lamps, and houseplants aplenty. Avoid chintzy florals and too many clashing prints to prevent the look from feeling cluttered – instead, be guided by warm orange and brown tones, well-placed floor and table lamps, and making the most of the natural light in your room.