Don’t miss these odd jobs when spring cleaning

Floors, check. Windows, check. Skirting boards, check.

But aside from the obvious spring-cleaning tasks, what are the often-forgotten yet just as important duties you should add to your to-do list?

It’s what’s inside that counts

Kitchen surfaces are probably on your hit-list, but what about the insides of drawers and cupboards? Drawer organisers can be some of the worst offenders for gathering crumbs and dust in their myriad compartments.

Empty out your drawer’s contents, remove loose dirt with a handheld vacuum cleaner and wipe out using disinfectant spray on a soft cloth before replacing your possessions.

What lies beneath?

Similarly, the undersides of tables, desks and kitchen countertops can get just a sticky as the tops.

To achieve a thorough clean, wipe down all sides and edges – don’t forget hinges and cracks in drop-leaf tables, high chairs and cupboard doors too!

“I wondered where that had gone!”

Dried herbs, spices and tinned goods are often forgotten about at the back of the cupboard – but those expiration dates are there for a reason. Take the opportunity to ditch out-of-date condiments and ingredients, including flour, vinegar, oil and nuts.

Clear spillages from the shelves before you put everything back – tiered cupboard organisers are a good idea to help you see labels clearly.

Throw them off the scent… 

Some people dislike the chemical scent of cleaning products. Fancy something more fragrant?

Mix drops of your favourite essential oils with distilled white vinegar and water to create an all-purpose cleaning spray that will leave surfaces with a pleasant scent after the vinegar has done its work and disappeared.

For a zesty scent, try lemon oil – a natural disinfectant – and rosemary oil, which has some antibacterial properties.

Show your vacuum cleaner some TLC

When did you last pay attention to your vacuum cleaner? When you think about all the weight it pulls in your cleaning arsenal, it’s worth checking it over and ensuring everything still works.

To give it a quick MOT before that big Spring Clean, simply empty and wipe out the dust cup, remove and clean your filters, check the floorhead for tangles or blockages and wipe down your vacuum’s exterior to make sure you aren’t accidentally carrying dust between rooms.