5 tips to put the spring in your clean

While some people can’t wait to get cracking on a big Spring Clean, it’s ok if tackling your home from top to bottom is enough to give you nightmares.

But an annual sort-out doesn’t have to be intimidating! Here are 5 easy spring-cleaning tricks to help make the big clean less of a chore…

Break it down

Everything is easier in bitesize chunks.

Rather than face a mountain of housework in one go, break tasks down into daily to-do lists. Focus on a different room each day, or divide by task, specifically setting aside time to vacuum, dust, clean glass and so on.

Remember to keep daily goals reasonable, or else you may lose motivation.

Get your priorities straight

Where do you spend most time?

From the room you relax in most to the long-overdue tasks you always put off, decide what’s most important to you and tackle that first.

If you see a big difference on day one, it will be easier to keep going.

Add the feel-good factor

Never seem to get around to cleaning out your wardrobe or the kids’ room?

Donating unwanted clothes, toys and household items to charity means they could do some good, while getting them out of your hair.

Keep a box by the door to stash any items you come across while cleaning that are in good condition but no longer fit in your lifestyle – when it’s full, take it to your local charity shop.

De-stress your desk

If you’ve stashed post around your home throughout the year, now’s the time to deal with it.

Sort any paperwork you come across into three piles –

  • To Action (such as bills which need paying, appointments which need making or letters which need answering)
  • To File (important paperwork you need to keep for your records)
  • To Recycle (including flyers, junk mail and any paperwork you no longer need)

Try keeping things under control with a tiered inbox, colour-coded box files or office organiser – filing as you go will make important documents easier to find when you need them.

Many hands make light work

Whether they share your living space or not, enlisting family and friends to help can seriously lighten the load when you’ve got lots to do.

Plan a fun lunch to entice your recruits, provide plenty of treats and keep the music playing to keep energy levels high.