The cat owner’s guide to keeping a clean home

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How to keep your house clean when you have a pet cat

There are many tell-tale signs of a home with a cat; cat toys strewn across the floor, cosy boxes and beds in every room and of course a sprinkling of cat fur on the soft furnishings.

While they more than make up for this mess with their purrs and affection, it’s still up to the human residents of the household to clean up after them.

There are several ways you can make these chores easier for yourself, meaning you’ll have more time for head bumps and chin rubs with your feline housemate.

To help you keep your home clean and cat-friendly, here are some handy tips…


Ginger cat sitting on the floor in an all-white kitchen | Shark vacuums | Cats ProtectionThe cat owner’s guide to keeping a clean home | How to keep your house clean when you have a pet cat


  1. Pick the perfect litter tray location

Providing your cat with their own indoor toilet is a must, but they do sometimes have a habit of making a mess outside the tray. This is because cats like to bury their poo, which involves flicking the litter around and occasionally onto the floor.

To make the clearing up easier, place the litter tray somewhere with hard flooring that is easy to sweep, or put the tray on a protective mat that can be easily wiped clean.

Of course it’s also important that the location suits your cat too, so choose somewhere quiet and private for them to do their business that’s away from where they eat, drink and sleep.

For more information about where to put all of your cat’s things, take a look at our blog.


  1. Buy some cat blankets

One of the main areas your cat will leave behind some furry evidence is where they snooze.

To make the fluff easier to clean up, get your cat some cosy, washable blankets to sleep on. Try placing them in warm, quiet spots around the house or even inside cardboard boxes where they can snooze in peace.

Cats like to switch between sleeping spots regularly so give them a few options and then when they move on to a new bed, wash the blanket that’s not in use. This will ensure there’s always at least one blanket that they can recognise their own scent on, helping them to feel safe and happy.

For more facts about cats and sleep, read our blog.


  1. Make brushing a daily ritual

To reduce the amount of hair your kitty leaves around the house, try getting into the habit of brushing them regularly.

While most cats are pretty good at grooming themselves using their rough tongues, giving them a helping hand will give you the chance to catch the hair before it settles on the carpets and sofas.

Brushing your moggy can also be a great bonding experience and will help to keep their coat healthy and glossy.

For lots of tips on how to groom your cat, read our blog.


  1. Get a powerful vacuum cleaner

To make cleaning up any leftover cat hair quick and easy, get a vacuum cleaner purposefully designed for pet owners.

Shark’s TruePet vacuum cleaners are purposefully designed to remove embedded pet hair from floors and furnishings.


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