8 Top Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Clean for Longer

by SharkClean
on 8 February 2018

Apart from the kitchen, the room in which we spend the most time cleaning is the bathroom. The combination of dirt, grease, water and humidity can leave the average bathroom in quite a state after just a morning’s traffic — and that means more time spent cleaning every day.

But there are a few ways of reducing the cleaning workload in this all-important room. These seven tips should make cleaning the bathroom easier and faster — and keep it cleaner for longer.

1. Use a water repellent

One of the biggest cleanliness issues in any bathroom is that of standing water. Left untreated, wet walls and surfaces can cause mould growth and bad odours. Coat all of your tiled walls, shower doors and other wipeable surfaces with a water repellent. This will cause water, soapscum and dirt to slide off these surfaces and drain away.

2. Switch to liquid soap

Bar soap leaves grubby accumulations wherever it sits — which can often be quite tricky to remove. Avoid these unsightly stains by switching to a liquid soap, which will keep your sink area cleaner for longer.

3. Switch to longer-lasting cleaning methods

Changing the way you clean, as well as the tools you use, is a simple way to reduce your workload in the bathroom. For example, longer-lasting cleaning agents can deliver protection from further accumulations and bad odours for up to seven days. And the use of a handheld steam cleaner removes dirt, grease and bacteria at the same time.

4. Keep some dryer sheets in the bathroom

A good way to keep your bathroom cleaner for longer is to clean as you go. If you see a spillage or an accumulation of some description, wipe it away in seconds — and encourage everyone else in your home to do the same.

5. Spray your curtain/door regularly

Whether you have a door or a curtain fitted to your shower, it can become a breeding ground for mould, bacteria and bad odours unless you’re keeping it clean. Spray it after every use with a multi-purpose cleaner or a dedicated shower spray. You should also make sure that there is fresh air circulating in the bathroom after every shower. And if you have a door, dry it after each use.

6. Dry everything

Most people leave the surfaces in their bathroom to dry naturally. However, the longer these surfaces are exposed to warm water, the greater the chance of mould, soapscum and limescale accumulations. Keep a separate towel at hand throughout the day, and make sure everyone is using it to dry wet surfaces as they’re created.

7. Give everything a home

The tidier your bathroom is, the easier it will be to keep clean. You will have clear surfaces to wipe and spray, which means you can get the cleaner the first time. If you need more cupboard space, consider fixing additional cabinets to the walls for hygiene products.

8. Install towel racks and rails

Having towels draped over your bath and sink creates a mess, but it can also lead to some pretty nasty smells. To keep your towels fresher for longer, you need to dry them as quickly as possible — which means hanging them up immediately after every use. If you don’t have enough racks and rails to accommodate your whole family, consider adding some more.


The cleaning jobs usually associated with the bathroom are some of the hardest you’ll ever do at home. Thankfully, these eight tips should make those essential tasks just a little easier.