Steam your Vinyl

by SharkClean
on 17 November 2014

A growing number of households are turning to vinyl flooring as a way of creating a safe, durable and low-maintenance surface that offers the same aesthetic benefits as tile. This exceptionally tough material is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is moulded under intense heat and pressure. Most vinyl sheet flooring and tiles are pliable and waxed for added durability, and while that makes them easy to clean, grease and dirt can accumulate if you don’t have a regular cleaning schedule in place.

Shark steam mops are tailor-made for this type of flooring, as the only thing needed to bring the original shine back to it is the power of Shark’s intelligent steam distribution system. However, you may need to perform a detailed clean if your floor has particularly large accumulations of dirt and grease. Kitchens and bathrooms in particular are subjected to a continual bombardment of moisture, traffic and a range of substances – so your initial clean with a Shark steam mop may require a few extra steps.


It is vitally important that you have a clear and debris-free floor if you want to maximise the potential of your Shark steam mop – whilst protecting your floor. Having to negotiate around chair and table legs will inevitably lead to accumulations of grease and dirt over time. And if you try mopping a surface that is littered with debris and small particles of dirt, you run the risk of creating tiny rips and tears in your flooring.


If your floor hasn’t been cleaned for a while, or you’ve moved an appliance to find a hidden accumulation of dirt and grease, you may need to pre-treat the affected areas before you apply the power of your Shark steam mop. Instead of using abrasive and costly cleaning chemicals, however, there are some natural (and cheaper) alternatives available to you.

Applying a paste of water and bicarbonate of soda is particularly effective at cutting through grease and breaking up stubborn accumulations of food. A weak solution of white vinegar and water will also deliver some impressive results. And if you want to disinfect your floor as you clean, use apple cider vinegar instead of white. You should allow around 30 minutes of contact time before cleaning, and you should always use a soft-fibred cloth, as scourers and scrubbing brushes can permanently damage vinyl flooring.


Vinyl is extremely resistant to both heat and water, so for the best results, it’s probably a good idea to select the most intense cleaning setting if your Shark steam mop offers a choice. If you’re using the Shark Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop, this setting is ‘scrub’. Fill your mop’s reservoir with water as directed in the instruction manual, and wait until it has reached temperature.

Shark’s intelligent steam distribution means you won’t need to constantly go over flooring you’ve already cleaned, and you won’t need to apply too much pressure in order to see some stunning results. You will also discover that drying or polishing your floor after cleaning is rarely necessary, as Shark steam mops use only the water that is necessary for a successful cleaning experience. Your floor should be dry to the touch afterwards.

Your Shark scrub pockets have two sides. Use the abrasive side for scrubbing, and when you’re happy that your floor is free from dirt and grease, you can flip your mop head over and use the smooth side of your pocket to polish.


One of the most effective ways to keep your floors looking their best with the minimum of effort is to clean little and often. By making the steam cleaning of your vinyl flooring part of your daily routine, you will rarely need anything other than a little elbow grease. Shark’s steam mops are designed to clean with the power of steam alone. This means you can save on the cost of cleaning agents while maintaining a safer environment in your family home.