Steam Clean your Grouting

by SharkClean
on 1 September 2014

While cleaning bathroom tiles is a relatively easy job, keeping the grouting that binds them together is a far more challenging proposition. Unlike ceramic tiles, grouting is not smooth, and it can harbour a build-up of grime, mildew, limescale and soap scum if it’s not given the regular attention it needs.

Now, most people will simply buy a rather expensive – and caustic – cleaner for the job. Most cleaning agents contain bleach, which can damage fabric, create harmful fumes and cause a real hazard if you have children in the home. By using the power of Shark’s exceptional range of Steam Pocket <ops, you can bring back that new look to your grouting without the expense and unpleasantness of specialist cleaning agents… and here’s how!


If you have allowed a significant build-up of mould, dirt and soap scum to build up – which is easily done around a bath and shower – you may need to give the cleaning process a little head start. If you absolutely must, you can use a bleach-based cleaning solution for this. However, it is possible to get the job done with some everyday substances you may well have lying around the kitchen.

All you need to create a powerful, cheap and safe cleaning agent is some baking soda and some white vinegar. Create a thick paste by adding white vinegar gradually to a bowl full of baking soda, and apply it liberally to the areas of grouting you’re about to clean. Give it around 45 minutes of contact time before scrubbing your grouting with a stiff-bristled hand-brush. You’ll see that your paste mixture will cut through excessive amounts of mildew, grime and soap scum with ease. Rinse your tiles, and you’re ready to introduce the power of a Shark Steam Pocket Mop.


Because you’ll probably need to stretch, and reach out-of-the-way areas of your bathroom, choosing the Lift-Away system is a great idea. Not only does it break away to create a handheld steam cleaner, it includes some handy tools to make the job at hand a great deal easier.

Detach the handheld unit, fill the reservoir as directed and select the ‘scrub’ option. This will provide you with the most intense steam power available. Attach the extra long accessory hose to the unit, and then select which of the tools you think will deliver the best results on your tile grouting. A direct steam nozzle will create a steady stream of super-heated steam, so you can attack only the areas that need attention. Shark’s intelligent steam control system means all you need to do once the steam has reached temperature is point the nozzle.

Systematically apply steam to every square inch of grouting, and you will see that the intensity of the steam alone will break up even the most stubborn accumulations of mould and grime. However, if you think that some areas need a little extra help, substitute the direct steam nozzle with the detailed scrubbing brush. Fire steam at the affected areas and scrub the area at the same time – you’ll be able to see the natural colour of your grout return within a few seconds.

Once you’ve finished cleaning, you can use a micro-fibre cloth to wipe away any excess moisture. But because of Shark’s intelligent steam distribution, the amount of water left on your tiles will be minimal.

Make the steam cleaning of grouting part of your weekly cleaning schedule, and you should never have to use any form of cleaning agent again. Shark’s steam mops are powerful, mobile and precise, and they’re all you need to keep mildew, grime and soap scum from accumulating on your bathroom and kitchen tiles.


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