Steam Clean Laminate Floors

by SharkClean
on 27 January 2014

There is no doubt that a high-quality laminate floor can give a room an impressive look. Durable, clean and relatively easy to maintain, laminate floors are a combination of wood, plastic and resin, and they are growing increasingly popular with householders throughout the world.

How to clean laminate floors using a Shark Steam Mop

Despite its hardwearing nature, care must be taken when cleaning laminate flooring, as an excessive use of water can result in moisture finding its way between even the tiniest of cracks and crevasses. Using a Shark® steam mop, however, will utilise the optimum level of heat – and just enough water – to leave your laminate floor gleaming without being compromised.

Why use a Shark Steam Mop for laminate flooring?

One of the main issues people encounter when cleaning laminate flooring is the residue that is often left behind afterwards. There are some very effective cleaning agents on the market, but they can leave an unsightly film on laminate long after it has been cleaned. Not only can this affect the beautiful look of your floor, it can create a slippery surface and a potential slip hazard.

A Shark® steam mop doesn’t require the use of any chemicals; instead, it applies evenly distributed steam along all of the mop head. Depending on the nature of your cleaning job, there are three heat settings to choose from.

Before you start

Clearing the floor of debris and loose dirt before you start your steam clean is absolutely essential. Use a soft, indoor brush to sweep the floor, and make sure that it is completely clear of debris.

Choose a setting on your Shark® steam mop that is appropriate for the condition of your floor – the ‘scrubbing’ setting is ideal for particularly dirty surfaces with ground-in dirt. Fill your steam mop with water – as directed by the usage instructions – and wait for it to reach temperature.

Effective cleaning methods

For the best results, it is best to tackle your floor in small sections. Push your steam mop over the surface of the laminate in the same way as you would with a standard mop. Shark’s® innovative steam distribution technology will ensure that every part of the mop head is clearing away grease and grime. However, check the head regularly to ensure that it is clean and free from debris.

Laminate is made with a resin that stops water from penetrating it. However, in some rare cases water can find its way into the tiny cracks between laminate panels. The best way to ensure that doesn’t happen is to mop along the panels, and not against them. Staying with the ‘grain’ will deliver exceptional results without compromising the quality of your floor.

A combination of minimal water and a sufficiently high temperature means your floor should look completely dry and spotlessly clean within a few seconds. You can dry it with a clean cloth if you feel it is necessary, but this could affect the incredible sheen that Shark® steam mops can create. However, resist the temptation to use any floor cleaning chemicals, sprays or waxes – your Shark® steam mop is all that is needed for gleaming laminate flooring.

Laminate is hygienic and highly resistant to everyday wear and tear. However, its primary enemy is liquid, which can make cleaning it tricky. Because the Shark® steam mop regulates both steam flow and how much water is applied to your floor, you can keep your laminate looking like new without undermining its effectiveness.