Shark Anti Hair Wrap Tips & Tricks

Shark’s Anti Hair Wrap Technology actively separates and removes hair from the bristle brush-roll as you clean. A unique bristle-guard and comb is designed to prevent hair from becoming tightly wrapped around the brush-roll.

These tips can help you make the most of your Anti Hair Wrap floorhead. Always turn off your vacuum before performing any maintenance.

Shark cordless stick IZ251UKTDB | shark anti hair wrap tips


Why can I see hair on the brush-roll?
At times you may see small amounts of hair around the brush-roll – simply continue cleaning, using Carpet/Low Pile mode on hard floors. The comb and suction will remove the hair wrap and send it to the dust cup.

If you run over a hard or sharp object, or notice a noise change while vacuuming, check for blockages or objects caught in the brush-roll.


How do I clean the soft front brush-roll?

If your vacuum cleaner has DuoClean and Anti Hair Wrap, you will see two brush-rolls in the floorhead including a soft front brush-roll, which pulls in debris and lifts dust from hard floors. With normal use, you may need to perform routine maintenance of this soft brush-roll.

Check your instruction booklet for how to remove the brush-roll, as this varies by model. Tap off any loose debris, use a dry towel to wipe the brush-roll clean and remove any debris caught in the teeth behind the brush-roll. Hand wash if needed, using only water, and let it air dry completely for at least 24 hours before reinserting.

[Tip: You can download instruction booklets from our product pages or visit our Customer Care page.]


Why is the brush-roll indicator light red?

If the brush-roll indicator light is solid green when your vacuum is turned on, the motorised brush-rolls are on and working as they should. If they are solid red, there is a jam in the brush-roll and/or soft roller area – turn your vacuum off and remove the blockages. If the light is flashing red, the motorised floorhead is overheating – turn your vacuum off and wait for it to cool down.


Can we help with anything else?
If you need more information, please visit our Troubleshooting Guide for model-specific help and step-by-step videos.