How to Organise Your Wardrobe for Autumn and Winter

by SharkClean
on 1 October 2017


The arrival of the autumn heralds a change in the weather, and that means many of your summer clothes will become redundant for around six months. Why leave T-shirts, shorts and other summer attire in your wardrobe when you can pack them away and make space for warmer garments?


Get your wardrobe ready for dark days and cold nights by following these handy tips.

Wash and press everything

It’s important that your clothes are clean and completely dry before you store them away. If dirt lingers on fibre for too long, it can cause damage and some pretty nasty smells. And if garments are even just slightly damp when they’re folded and stored, you could be faced with some serious mould when the spring arrives. Wash or dry clean all of your summer clothes, and store them somewhere cool and dry — under a bed or in a loft are perfect, as long as they’re in sealed containers.


Take a look in your wardrobe right now. How many of your clothes never get worn? These items just sit gathering dust, taking up valuable space. Once you’ve washed everything, set aside any garments you know you’re never going to wear – and take them to the nearest charity shop.

Pack away

You can buy fabric bags for the storage of clothes, which should keep them dry and fresh. However, sealed boxes work just as well. If you’re worried about your clothes becoming a little fusty over time, place a few tumble dryer sheets in with them. Don’t store your clothes in plastic bags, however, as they can trap and hold moisture, which could give you a serious mould problem to deal with when the spring arrives.

Buy some high quality hangers

For the clothes that need to be hung in storage, it’s always best to use high quality, wooden clothes hangers. The metal and plastic hangers that are given away for free by clothing stores can bend out of shape when they have to support heavy garments for a long period.

Label everything

A little extra work when you’re packing away your clothes will save you a big headache when it’s time to unpack everything. Make a list of everything you store in each bag or box, so you can find the clothes you’re looking for quickly in the spring.

Clean and organise your wardrobes and drawers


Once you’ve purged your wardrobes and drawers of summer clothing, use the opportunity to clean. Having fewer clothes in storage will make dusting and cleaning a lot easier. And let’s face it: you don’t want to be storing away all the beautiful new winter clothes you’ve just bought in a dirty environment.

Think about layout

Over time, a wardrobe can become increasingly messy and dysfunctional — making it difficult to access the clothes you need quickly. Whilst you have a relatively spacious wardrobe to work with, think about layout, and how you’re going to organise for the winter. It might make sense to add an extra rail or shelf, for example. Think carefully about the logistics of storage, and the problems you’ve experienced in the past.

Get ready for winter!

The autumn is very much a transitional season. The early weeks are often still relatively warm, so you may need a transitional wardrobe. However, this is a great time to prepare for the winter months — by gathering together your winter garments and storing them in a logical way. Dig out all of your jumpers, sweaters, cardigans, hats, gloves and winter shoes. Put everything together in groups, which will give you an idea of what you’re short of, and how much storage space you’re going to need.


Hang clothes in order of type, so your thick shirts are all together, your jumpers are together etc., etc. This will make selecting your clothes so much easier throughout the autumn and winter months. Fold casual shirts to save space, and invest in a shoe rack to save space and keep things organised.


Getting your wardrobe ready for winter now means you’ll be ready for all weather eventualities when the temperatures start to plummet.