How to protect your furniture when you have pets 

Puppy dog eyes are hard to resist – so if you share your home with dogs or cats, it’s likely they’ll make their way onto the sofa or bed every now and then!

Worried about keeping your furniture clean? There’s no need to banish your furry friends, just take these simple precautions to protect your most-loved pieces and keep your upholstery in tip-top condition…

1. Layer up

It’s simple but true – a throw or blanket is the easiest way to protect your sofa or bedding. They’re easy to wash as often as you need to and you’re sure to find one that complements your existing décor or adds a pop of colour to your room. Look for lightweight, machine washable fabrics for easy maintenance.

2. Keep on top of it

Vacuum the sofa regularly with an upholstery tool or dedicated Pet Tool to remove embedded pet hair and dust – don’t forget to remove seat cushions and vacuum down the back of the sofa with a crevice tool. If you don’t have a handheld attachment to help, you can remove surface hair with a lint roller or damp rubber glove – simply glide your hand over upholstery and pet hair should stick to the glove.

3. Wash bedding weekly

According to a recent YouGov poll, more than a third of us wait 14 days before changing our sheets – but it’s recommended to wash bedsheets at least once a week to keep dust and bacteria at bay, and ultimately to keep your mattress and pillows clean. If you can, dry bedsheets outside in the sun for an extra boost of UV light, which can be effective in helping to kill micro-organisms.

4. No muddy paws

Pet hair and dry dirt can be annoying to remove, but mud and wet dirt can be far more difficult to clean off fabrics without causing damage and may result in staining. Keep a clean towel handy in winter and be sure to dry your pet’s paws at the door before they make it to the sofa.

5. Freshen up

Concerned about bad odours becoming trapped in your sofa? Air fresheners and fabric sprays may temporarily cover the smell, but to truly freshen up your upholstery try sprinkling it with baking soda – simply leave for around 30 minutes before vacuuming it up. Be sure to air out furniture regularly by removing any cushions and throws and opening the windows.