How to clean your washing machine

We all rely on washing machines to keep our clothes clean and smelling fresh – but regular use can leave your washing machine looking and smelling less than sparkling, thanks to standing water, detergent build-up, lint blockages and more.

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Regularly cleaning your washing machine is the best way to keep it free from mould and musty smells – thankfully, it’s quick and easy to keep your washing machine in tip-top condition with these quick cleaning steps.

  1. Clean the rubber seal
    Standing water often gathers in the rubber seal around the door – meaning mould and bacteria do too. Give it a good scrub with a soapy sponge, dry with a clean towel and ensure it is fully dry before running the next cycle. Regularly wipe the seal clean with a microfibre cloth to keep on top of the problem.


  1. Clean the door

Grime and detergent can build up on the glass door, so give it a good scrub – inside and out.


  1. Clean the detergent drawer

This is one of the most visible areas that can become dirty, as detergent and fabric conditioner residue builds up, becomes sticky and attracts dust. Wipe the drawer out weekly for best results and leave it slightly open to air dry.

  1. Clean the lint filter

The lint filter can often be the source of washing machine problems. Make sure your machine is turned off and put old towels down in front of the filter door before removing the filter, as it can release built-up water. Remove any lint and debris from the filter with a paper towel. For a deeper clean, soak the lint screen in warm water for 10 minutes – always check your manufacturer’s instructions first.


  1. Run a hot wash

We’re all encouraged to wash our clothes at low temperatures to save energy bills and help the environment, with many laundry detergents now formulated to work at lower temperatures. But this can mean mould and bacteria are not fully removed from the drum. Once a month, run a hot ‘service’ wash or drum-cleaning program, if your washing machine has one, to give the drum a good clean.


  1. Let your washing machine air dry

Air circulation can keep things fresh, so let your machine air dry after use if possible to help prevent mould and bacteria from growing.


Remember, always check your manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning.

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