How to clean up after your Jubilee party

Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee 2022 with a party?

Whether you’ll be hosting a local community event or watching the Platinum Jubilee Pageant with friends, drinks and snacks, your gathering is sure to be full of fun – and followed by a fair bit of cleaning up!

These top tips can take the stress out of the post-party cleaning and tidying, so you can focus on the celebrations.

Before the party…

  • Let guests know what time the party will finish
    Setting expectations of when the party will end lets you factor clean-up time into your schedule. No more cleaning around the last remaining stragglers!
  • Have recycling bags at the ready
    Preparation is key – make sure you have recycling bags on hand, as well as bin bags for non-recyclable rubbish, so you can start tidying quickly and easily.
  • Choose a wipe-clean tablecloth
    Whether you’re having a street party or hosting a buffet, covering your table with reusable, wipe-clean fabric ensures hassle-free clean-up and makes an environmentally friendly alternative to a disposable tablecloth.
  • Create a cleaning ‘grab bag’
    You know you’re likely to need surface cleaner, cloths, washing up liquid and rubber gloves –gather up all the essentials the day before and stash them together so you can simply grab and go.

After the party…

  • Start with drinks to prevent spillages
    Tidy up bottles, glasses and cups first, to prevent any spillages as you clean. A tray lined with a damp tea towel for grip is a great way to round up glasses that may still have liquid in.
  • Save the floors until last
    Tidy tables and surfaces first, as crumbs, confetti and other debris may fall on the floor as you tidy. Finish by vacuuming and using your steam mop on hard floors.
  • Layer two bin bags inside each other
    Bin bags are notorious for tearing easily, but a double layer can help to prevent leaks and spills.
  • Restore calm with a fragrance
    Fragrance is a great way to reset the atmosphere after a hectic event. When you’ve finished cleaning, light your favourite candle or open a reed diffuser to give your home a boost of scent.