How to clean a mattress

You change your bed sheets regularly – but when was the last time you cleaned your mattress?

While they don’t make direct contact with our skin, so are not high on the laundry list, your mattress can be breeding ground for dust mites – so it’s well worth giving it some time and attention to keep it clean and even help it last longer.

How to clean a mattress

How often you should clean your mattress is up to you, but every 6 months is a good guide to keep it fresh. Follow this step-by-step guide to keep your mattress clean and avoid having to invest in a mattress cleaning service.

  • Vacuum up dust & invisible debris

After removing your bedding and mattress topper, the best way to start is by thoroughly cleaning your mattress using a vacuum in handheld mode.

An upholstery tool or wide upholstery tool attachment is perfect for this task, directing the suction into the fabric to remove fine dust that may not be visible to the eye. If you let your furry friends roam freely, you may also like to use a pet tool to draw out any embedded pet hair.

  • Do you need to flip your mattress?

Flipping your mattress can prolong the life of this expensive piece of furniture, ensuring weight is evenly distributed across both sides of the springs and upholstery filling, preventing it from dipping in the middle. However, some mattresses are designed to be used only one way up, such as those made with memory foam – instead, you can rotate it from head to toe.

If you’re not sure, check the care label or ask the manufacturer.

  • Invest in a mattress topper

A washable mattress topper can not only protect your mattress from stains like the occasional tea spillage, but can also add comfort in the form of a memory foam layer – you can even find dedicated options to help with dust allergies.

How to get stains out of mattress

  • Spot clean with gentle detergent

Check the care label before selecting a cleaning product, to avoid accidentally damaging your mattress. Dilute a small amount of washing-up liquid in water to create a good all-purpose cleaner. Gently dab at any areas you want to clean, but avoid soaking the surface with too much water – try applying the mixture using a spray bottle.

  • Allow the mattress to dry fully

Let your mattress air dry for a few hours or as long as possible before remaking the bed. If possible, open the windows to allow the fabric to breathe.




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