How to Bring Summer into Your Living Room on a Tight Budget

by SharkClean
on 17 August 2018

When the summer sunshine is making people outside so happy, it’s often a shame to be stuck indoors. But what if you could bring the summer into your home? Sunlight, nature and warmth make a lot of people happy at this time of year, so the more we can introduce it INSIDE our home the better.

Fortunately, you don’t need a huge renovation budget to transform your living room into a summer haven. Just a few changes and additions are all that is required to give your main living area a summer-themed makeover.

Let there be light

Start by allowing as much of the summer sunshine as possible into your room. Remove heavy curtains and drapes, and replace them with thin alternatives. If you have blinds, open them fully. Remove any furniture or possessions that are blocking light, and prune trees and hedges outside your windows. Make sure all your windows are clean (inside and out), and hang mirrors opposite windows to magnify the effect of natural light.

Add reds and oranges

Summer is all about warmth, so make sure this is reflected in your living room with the addition of soft furnishings and accessories. Cushions, rugs, throws, art and ornamental features in shades of red and orange will bring the sunshine into your home, and create an ambience of warmth.

Invite nature inside

Nothing depicts a summer’s day like greenery and flowers. Position some potted plants near windows and doorways — tall plants tend to work best in larger rooms. If you’re worried about attracting flies or the maintenance involved in keeping indoor plants, buy some fake plants. However, the odd cactus plant here and there can give you the best of both worlds; low maintenance greenery and a unique summer aesthetic.

Play with pastels

During the winter, we tend to appreciate deep, rich and earthy shades. However, during the summer months, lighter pastel colours seem to complement the environmental conditions more effectively. You don’t need to invest in new furniture and redecorate, however. For example, you can transform a wall with a piece of pastel-coloured wall art. You can introduce pastel shades through the cushions and throws you use on sofas and chairs. Or if you have time, paint just one wall in your room a refreshing pastel colour.


Introduce the ocean to your living space

There’s something about ocean themes that capture the essence of summer. Whether it’s a coastal landscape on the wall or a display of shells on a table, a coastal aesthetic can transform your living room into an oasis of summer happiness.

Go minimal

We often like to hunker down during the winter, and surround ourselves with furniture, furnishings and possessions. But the opposite is true in the summer. We like space to breathe and move, so get rid of any possessions or furniture that you don’t absolutely need. Remove curtains; redesign the layout of your living room; store away rugs and runners. Strip your living room down to the bare essentials, and the natural light that enters the room is put to better use.

Sweeten the deal

Even if you don’t eat them, having citrus fruits in your living room during the summer does two things. Firstly, it adds some beautiful colours to areas of the space that need them the most. Secondly, it creates a wonderful aroma that screams summer. After all, the smell of oranges, lemon and lime are associated with hot climates. Once your fruits start to fade, use them for cooking or composting.

Make some mason jar features

Invest in a few mason jars, and use them to create summer features that brighten up your living space. For example, you could fill a few with summer flowers, or you could create a summer display with seashells and seaweed. Create your own mason jar air fresheners with lemon juice, baking soda and reeds — and complete the look with some fruits or flowers.



You don’t need to employ a team of interior designers to create a new summer-based look for your living room. Bring the outdoors inside wherever possible, and the process should be simple and inexpensive.