The best tidying up and cleaning songs

Struggling for motivation? Listening to music is a must when it comes to cleaning, giving you an extra boost of energy and turning a household chore into an excuse for a dance.

You may remember the Tidy Up Song from your childhood, a tool teachers and parents alike use to encourage toys be put away at the end of the day. It’s no wonder this tactic continues through to adulthood.

But what makes the best tidying up music?

  • Choose upbeat tunes – whether you prefer hits of the ‘60s, glam rock from the ‘70s, classic ‘80s pop or the best of the ‘90s, choose happy tunes to keep you grooving!
  • Around 120-140 beats per minute could be the ideal pace, as this is roughly the same as an average heart rate during a workout
  • Sing-along hits will make the time fly by, and distract you from tasks that you might otherwise find boring
  • Short tracks are great for racing against the clock – can you finish the dusting before this song ends?

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