Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

In the next of our mini-series, we’re helping you clean your home room-by-room with focused cleaning tips and the ultimate checklist.

This week, we’re giving the bathroom a deep clean…


Shower curtains can harbour a whopping 60 times as much bacteria as the toilet seat. It’s no surprise, as germs breed easily in warm, wet environments. Frequent cleaning goes a long way to help – don’t forget to wipe down the shower handle or controls, scrub tiles, grouting and flooring to prevent mould and mildew, and machine-wash your shower curtain regularly.

Don’t forget: Antibacterial sprays are only effective if you leave them to work! This is known as ‘dwell time’ in which the product starts to kill pathogens – most take a couple of minutes, though it varies by product. So don’t wipe it away before it’s had a chance to do its magic!


Your bathroom tap handle can be home to high numbers or bacteria too – that’s because you turn on the tap before washing your hands. Make sure it’s on your hit-list to disinfect – and if you have a lever-operated tap, you can also try to make a habit of turning it on and off using your elbow.

Don’t forget: The same goes for the soap dispenser – be sure to disinfect the pump handle regularly.

Light Switches

Light switches are another area we regularly touch but may miss when cleaning. Obviously it’s not a good idea to directly spray anything electrical – however you can spray cleaner onto a cloth, then wipe gently over the switch. The same goes for corded light pulls.

Don’t forget: Toothbrush holders are often overlooked but can be one of the dirtiest items in your bathroom. Clean weekly using washing up liquid and scrub with a small-bristled brush – be sure to let the holder dry fully before putting your toothbrushes back in.


Cleaning the loo is no-one’s favourite chore, but doing the job properly can prevent the spread of bacteria.

Make sure to remove any items from the tank lid before adding your choice of gel or liquid cleaner to the toilet bowl, as close to the rim as possible. Shut the lid and leave it to work while you spray the tank, handle, outside and seat with antibacterial spray. Flush the cleaner away with the lid still closed to prevent splashing.

Don’t forget: Think the loo seat is the dirtiest part of the bathroom? You’d be surprised! More than 150 times as much bacteria can actually be found on the toilet roll holder, so make sure to disinfect it weekly!


As the largest surface in your bathroom, it stands to reason that the bathroom floor will harbour its fair share of germs. Start when your floor is dry, vacuuming to remove loose dust and hair. Scrub with a bleach-based bathroom cleaner, paying attention to edges, corners and grouting – or opt for a steam mop to sanitise hard floors with the power of steam alone.

Don’t forget: Often remaining damp after use, bath mats can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Throw yours in the washing machine on a hot cycle as often as you change your towels.