9 Essential Carpet Cleaning Tips for the Home

by SharkClean
on 2 October 2019

Investing in a quality carpet will provide your home with a quality floor covering that has the potential to define a room. But even the most durable carpets require regular cleaning and maintenance – otherwise they can end up looking tired and worn very quickly.

You can keep the carpets in your home in tip-top condition by implementing the following carpet cleaning tips. They will keep your carpets looking fantastic – and drastically increase their lifespan.

1. Make vacuuming part of everyday life

A lot of people only vacuum when their carpets and floor coverings look like they need it. However, a schedule of twice daily vacuuming will keep the unseen dirt and dust particles that lurk deep within your carpet’s pile at bay. Large particles of soil and dirt have the potential to destroy fibres over time, but cleaning your carpets twice a day will keep any damage to a minimum. Make sure your vacuum cleaner is powerful and offers suction that doesn’t diminish over time.

2. Never saturate your carpets with water

Whether you are desperately trying to remove a stain or you’re steam cleaning your carpets, it is important that you don’t use too much water. A saturated carpet can shrink, and lead to the growth of mould over time.

3. Attend to stains and spillages immediately

Always have a store of paper towels or absorbent kitchen roll at hand in order to deal with spillages and stains the moment you notice them. Keep a carpet cleaner that complies with your carpet’s cleaning guidelines close by, but remember that bicarbonate of soda is a great stain removal agent that also gets rid of odours.

4. Dab, never rub

We’ve all been there. You’ve spilled red wine on your brand new carpet, and in a state of shock you find yourself rubbing at the stain furiously. However, rubbing can spread the stain, and cause permanent damage to your carpet’s fibres. Instead, grab a micro-fibre, absorbent cloth, and dab gently.

5. Protect your carpets where necessary

The high-traffic areas of your carpets will become tired, worn and discoloured before other areas. In order to protect them, strategically place mats and runners around your home. Hallways, stairs and doorways are always subjected to lots of footfall – so make these areas a priority for extra protection.

6. Know your carpet

Carpets made with synthetic fibres are often more forgiving than those with natural fibres during the cleaning process. Before you hire a professional cleaning service or use a steam cleaner, check the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance guidelines. Some cleaning methods can permanently damage wool-based carpets.

7. Help people to look after your carpet

The best way to preserve the carpets in your home is to stop people from entering it with their shoes on. Place a shoe rack next to your front and back doors, and position a mat on both the outside and inside of your home’s thresholds – which should persuade people to automatically wipe their feet before entering.

8. Be careful with candles

Wax from candles can become stuck fast to carpet, so be careful where you position your candles around the home. If wax does end up on your precious flooring, don’t panic. Use a blunt knife and scrape the wax up from underneath – as gently as you can. You should then cover the area with towels, and apply heat from an iron over the affected area. The wax will melt again, and stick to your towels.

9. Use ice on chewing gum

The best thing you can do to protect your carpet from chewing gum is to ban it! However, if you happen to find gum on your carpet, wrap up some ice cubes in a tea towel, and press it down on the affected area. The gum will eventually harden, and you should then be able to lift it with a blunt knife.

Regular maintenance and cleaning will protect your carpet from everyday wear, tear and discolouration. If you can make carpet cleaning part of your daily routine, you may never need to hire the services of a professional cleaner.