8 Simple Home Alterations That Can Deter Burglars

by SharkClean
on 4 July 2017

Our homes are now a treasure trove of appliances and gadgets, which is great news for us — but better news for the criminal fraternity. Whether it’s our cleaning appliances, audio-visual equipment or mobile technology, the promise of expensive swag can be an alluring attraction for burglars.

Thankfully, making thieves think twice before they attempt to break into your home is relatively easy and cheap. These eight simple changes should reduce the risk of a break-in at your home considerably.

1. Fit visible locks on windows and doors

You might already have strong and sturdy locks on your doors and windows, but if a would-be burglar can’t see them, they might be tempted to take a chance on your home. The mere sight of an industrial grade lock might be all that is needed to persuade a burglar to move along.

2. Use timed lighting

Most crime experts will tell you that deterrence is the best form of crime protection in your home. To that end, it’s always a good idea to create the illusion that someone is always at home. The easiest way to do this is to leave a couple of prominent lights on when you head out. But if you want to get really clever, timed lighting will switch on and off at random intervals throughout the day. This could be very effective at putting off professional burglars who take the time to assess your home before making their move.

3. Install security cameras

Whilst you have to be careful not to take video images of public thoroughfares or the private property of others, the use of video surveillance equipment can help you to catch thieves and recover your possessions. However, cameras are at their most effective when they’re clearly visible from the street. If a burglar thinks a property is comprehensively surveilled at all times, they’re highly likely to move on to the next opportunity.

4. Install security lighting

Motion-activated security lights leave intruders and thieves with nowhere to hide. Once wrongdoers come within a few foot of your home, they’re lit up by powerful LED lights. Combined with a visible alarm system and security cameras, lighting can be an excellent deterrent.

5. Hide valuables from view

While you might want to display your finest ornaments in your window, doing so can attract the attention of burglars. High value items make the risk worth it for intruders, so do all you can to keep your valuable items out of view. If you own a large television, for instance, it’s probably best not to have it hanging on the wall directly opposite your window — where the whole world can see it.

6. Keep the exterior of your property in good repair

If the exterior of your property looks tired and shabby, there’s a good chance that burglars will make the assumption that your home security isn’t up to standard. Keep your doors and windows in full working order, look after your garden or yard and repair any loose paving or brickwork immediately.

7. Fit a cage over your letterbox

A lot of burglars pick door locks through the letterbox, so placing a cage over it can close a potential entry point relatively easily. Particularly determined thieves can use a range of devices to steal items via the letterbox, including wallets, purses and car keys. Anything you can do to make life difficult for resourceful burglars should make your home safer.

8. Remove any cover

The more obscured your house is by bushes, trees, outbuildings and garden furniture, the easier it is for burglars to get close to your property undetected. Walk around your home, and look for potential cover that can be exploited by intruders.


Every person’s home is their refuge from the outside world. With just a few alterations, you can ensure you feel safe, secure and comfortable whilst protecting your possessions from falling into criminal hands.