7 Ways to Use Table Salt for Cleaning Your Home
Posted by SharkClean on 19 January 2017

Cleaning a family home can be an expensive business at times. The cost of cleaning agents and stain removers can be prohibitive for many families. But it’s a little-known fact that salt is a very effective cleaner — and it’s a fraction of the price of leading sprays, liquids, creams and foams.

The next time you’re in the supermarket looking for your cleaning supplies, drop by the condiment aisle and pick up some everyday table salt. It can help you to keep your home spick and span in 10 very different ways.


Coffee and tea stains can ruin floors and tables unless they are dealt with quickly. The next time you notice a spillage or a ring, sprinkle salt over it, wait five minutes, then wipe it up with a damp microfibre cloth. You’ll be amazed at the results.


While you might love preparing soups and casseroles, the chances are you won’t be so keen on the cleaning that follows. Splash, spits and spillages harden pretty fast on a hot hob. Unfortunately, the easiest way to clean the mess up is to wipe it away when it’s still hot — but that’s far too dangerous. The next time your famous stroganoff ends up on your hob, throw some salt over it. When the hob has cooled, gently wipe up the salt with a dampened microfibre cloth.


If you’ve ever chopped a particularly strong onion, you will know how long the horrible odour can linger on your fingers. No matter how much soap you use, you just can’t get rid of the stench – which can last for days. The next time your hands stink of onion, moisten them with a little white vinegar, and then rub in a little table salt.


Instead of scrubbing away at stains and accumulations of food in your fridge, throw some salt and over the affected areas, spray on some water, and wait around an hour. You should find the stains far easier to remove. And if you want to rid your fridge of nasty odours, simply place an egg cup filled with salt at the back of your fridge. This should absorb the worst of the smell within a couple of days.


Sweat stains have a habit of being very difficult to remove. So before you wash your perspiration stained clothes, sponge in a little salty water into the stain first. Four tablespoons of salt added to a litre of water should do the trick.


Washing frying pans that are caked with grease and food can take a lot of dishwashing detergent, hot water and… well… elbow grease. Instead of toiling over the sink to remove egg, bacon and oil from your morning breakfast pan, sprinkle it with salt and hot water. Come back in an hour, and cleaning it should be a great deal easier.


The average kitchen sink can become grimy very quickly, and if it isn’t monitored and cleared on a regular basis, it can also become blocked. Create a brine solution with four tablespoons of salt and a litre of water, and soak your sink with it. This will not only clean the sink, it will help to keep the drain free from blockages.

Salt is not only a very cheap cleaning agent, it is also a fast one. If you’re ever worried about a spill or potential stain, throw a little salt over the affected area, and give it a few minutes to work.

And make sure there is always a tub of salt amongst your cleaning supplies!