7 Ways to Make Household Cleaning Faster and More Effective

by SharkClean
on 11 September 2019

Have you ever walked into a show home and thought to yourself: “How can I get my own home this clean?” If you have, you should know that professional cleaning services are nearly always the reason. Fast and effective, the pros have several tricks of the trade they fall back on.

Professional cleaners pick up best practices and top tips throughout the course of their working lives. Not only do they deliver exceptional results, they do so quickly and efficiently. There is a way to keep your home immaculate whilst cutting the time you spend on household cleaning, and it involves cleaning like the professionals do.

1. Get motivated

Professional cleaners will often clean more than 20 different premises a week, so they need to find ways of staying motivated and engaged. You might be able to find the motivation you need from music, so plug yourself into your favourite tunes every time it’s time to do the housework. High tempo songs are best for physical work such as scrubbing the bath or vacuuming carpets. Slower melodies work well when polishing and tidying.

2. Schedule your cleaning

Professional cleaners devise detailed and structured cleaning schedules that they stick to. This allows them to clean several different properties on the same day. Create a cleaning schedule that can be used week in, week out. With your family and work commitments in mind, choose the most suitable days of the week for the major cleaning jobs in your home – and stick to your schedule. Being organised will help you to clean faster and more effectively.

3. Minimise movement

A professional cleaner will save time and preserve energy by circling a room just once during cleaning. By taking a systematic approach to cleaning each room, you can ensure that you never cover the same ground more than once. So, if you’re cleaning your living room carpets, have a duster in your hand to clean ornaments, ledges and furniture as you pass them. Professional cleaners perfect this art over many years, so don’t expect to save an enormous amount of time straight away.

4. Invest in the right equipment

In order to make cleaning as quick and as effective as possible, you must ensure that you have access to the right tools and supplies at all times. Cleaning with inappropriate equipment will make the job at hand slower and more difficult. And in some cases, using the wrong cleaning tools has the potential to be dangerous.

For instance, instead of getting down on your hands and knees to scrub the ceramic tiles on your kitchen floor, you could invest in a steam mop. The best steam mops available today emit the optimum amount of steam at all times – ensuring floors aren’t flooded with water during cleaning.

5. Make cleaning a family affair

Unless you are the only person living in your home, every person in your family should be doing their fair share of cleaning. Whether you rotate the essential cleaning jobs on a weekly basis or give family members specific responsibilities, remember: many hands make light work.

6. De-clutter

While you might want to save time by diving straight into cleaning jobs, you could be making life a lot harder for yourself by failing to clear clutter and debris first. Clear floors before you vacuum, worktops before scrubbing and shelves before polishing. While this takes time at the beginning of the process, it will make cleaning quicker and easier in the long run.

7. Create cleaning ‘stations’

Think ahead and plan what you need for each cleaning task in every room of your home. Storing everything you need to clean your bathroom in your kitchen cupboard will simply slow you down – and possibly result in multiple trips up and down a flight of stairs. Gather all of the tools and cleaning agents you will need, and place them in a tote tray or bag ready for cleaning. A bag for each room in your home will slash the time it takes to do your weekly housework.

Keeping a clean and tidy home that professional cleaners would be proud of takes a little planning. But as long as you organise, you should be able to clean better, faster and more effectively.