7 Tell-Tale Signs Your Home Isn’t as Clean as You Think

by SharkClean
on 23 January 2018

Before you start patting yourself on the back for keeping a clean and tidy home, it’s probably a good idea to look at the issue from a new perspective. While you might be cleaning often, you may not be cleaning smart — which could be wasting your precious time.


At first glance, your home may look like a palace, but there could be a few tell-tale signs that your efforts aren’t proving as fruitful as you’d like.


Here are seven tell-tale signs your home isn’t as clean as you think it is.

1. Dirty socks

Are your socks often covered in debris, dust and crumbs when you take them off at night? If they are, there’s a chance that your floors could do with a little more attention. Make sure you’re using a powerful, cyclonic vacuum cleaner on all your floors, and that you’re using the attachments where necessary. Also, start steam cleaning your hard floors once a day.

2. Your showers turn into baths

If you’re noticing water accumulating around the plughole in your shower, there’s a good chance that you should be taking more time and care when cleaning. Every day, very quickly wipe down the surfaces of your shower, and collect any debris and hair from the drain area. Of course, you’ll need to deal with the drain blockage first.

3. You’re always short of cutlery and crockery

If you often reach for a fork or a plate only to be presented with bare cupboards and drawers, you should entertain the possibility that you’re not doing the dishes often enough. The solution to this issue is simple: wash dirty dishes immediately.

4. You’re relying on air fresheners more than ever

If you’re spraying air freshener around your home at every opportunity, you should ask yourself why. It’s probably because the odours in your home are worsening. Rather than masking the problem, it’s best to address the root cause — which will probably involve some detailed cleaning.

5. You’re tidying in a hurry when guests are due to arrive

If you find that you’re always rushing around your home, frantically tidying and cleaning when guests are due to arrive, there’s a very good chance that you’re not keeping on top of household cleaning chores. Create a cleaning schedule that involves everyone in your home, and dedicate sufficient time to ensure every job is completed properly. It’s also a good idea to adopt a clean-as-you-go policy throughout your home.

6. Your cleaning tools are dirty

You really have problems if the tools you use to clean your home are dirty and grimy. If you’re using dirty vacuum cleaners, mops, sponges cloths and dusters, all you’re doing is spreading muck around — and probably nasty odours. Cleaning these essential tools should be part of your weekly cleaning schedule, otherwise all the hard work you do will be for nothing.

7. Your cleaning supplies are running low

Go and check the area where you keep all of your cleaning agents. If you’re running low on essential items such as sanitiser spray, multipurpose cleaner, polish and window cleaner, there’s a good chance that your home isn’t quite as good as it could be. However, you don’t need to rush to the nearest shop to load up on expensive cleaning chemicals.


Natural substances such as lemon juice, baking powder, white vinegar and essential oils do a reasonable job of cleaning certain areas. Or you can clean and sanitise at the same time with a handheld steam cleaner.


Keeping the average home clean and tidy at all times is a labour-intensive, time-consuming job. Living in your home makes you immune to certain cleanliness issues, so always stay vigilant when it comes to essential household cleaning tasks.