7 Great Gifts for Cleaning Enthusiasts

Yes, it’s that time of year again. It’s time for parties, social gatherings and lots of cooking — but it’s also time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for your nearest and dearest. If one of your dearest is obsessed with keeping their home clean-as-a-whistle, perhaps the gift you buy them should be something to make their soft spot for cleanliness even more fun?
Keeping a house in tip-top shape at all times is hard — even for the most house proud of people. But with these seven great gifts in Santa’s sack this year, you can help that special person in your life enjoy their household duties more than ever.


Scrubbing, vacuuming and polishing can become a little monotonous — even for self-confessed cleaning fans. But you can make those household chores rock by giving that special person the gift of music. Bluetooth headphones can come in a range of colours, including brilliant white (so even the headphones look sparkly clean). Some great up-tempo music could even help the recipient to speed up their rate of work — without having to worry about tripping over wires!


Ask any cleaning enthusiast what they spend most of their time doing in the home, and the chances are they will say vacuuming carpet. Busy family homes can sometimes require vacuuming multiple times a day, so it’s always good to have a powerful cleaning tool for the job. All Shark upright vacuum cleaners transform into portable vacuums to enable versatile cleaning all around your home – we recommend opting for a Powered Lift-Away model to easily vacuum underneath furniture like tables and sofas, as well as easily cleaning sofas, stairs and high-up cobwebs. What better way to clean up the mess on Christmas night than by using one of these powerful, bagless vacuums for the job?


Gift-hunting for a house-proud pal who also loves to read? There’s a whole host of cleaning-themed books available this Christmas, from cleaning guides packed with handy hacks and top tips, to autobiographies of cleaning influencers. Perfect for curling up with a cup of tea – after they’ve finished the cleaning, of course.


Make life a lot easier for the cleaning enthusiast in your life by giving the gift of convenience. Put together a fun little box to keep under the sink, full of cleaning accessories and products that make housework more effective. What to put in your homemade cleaning hamper? Think storage trays, dusters, sponges, polish, cleaning sprays and gadgets – check out Instagram’s popular cleaning influencers for inspiration and the latest must-have items!


Do they like to look neat as pin? Lint and bobbles can quickly make fabrics appear shabby. They appear on curtains, upholstered furniture and clothing without warning, and often prove very tricky to remove – but a small electric fuzz remover can keep the worst of lint at bay without too much effort, gently shaving it off and sucking it into a small on-board dust bin.


Looking for a cleaning-themed stocking filler, or a Secret Santa present for somebody notoriously house-proud? Dusting slippers look just like cosy house-shoes with one difference – microfibre soles that gather dust from hard floors as you walk! The soles are often removable for easy washing. Sure to raise a chuckle on the big day, they might just become their most-used gift!


Cleaning obsessives can control a lot of things in the home, but the air isn’t usually one of them. However, a Shark Air Purifier not only removes allergens, bacteria, smoke, dust, mould and pollen from the air in your home, but intelligently tracks the air quality and automatically adjusts the cleaning power to keep your air quality level optimum.

So there you have it: seven great gift ideas for the clean-freak this Christmas. So you don’t have any excuses when the big day finally arrives.