7 Forgotten Areas of the Home That Require Regular Cleaning

by SharkClean
on 26 August 2019

There are areas of any home where cleaning requirements are pretty obvious. Your carpets, toilets and kitchen appliances are just a few of the areas you probably already clean on an automatic basis. But what about the areas of your home that aren’t always at the top of your cleaning to-do list?

1. Your kitchen sink

Most people would assume that the dirtiest place in their home would have to be their toilet. But a toilet is often the place where cleaning is a daily priority. Can you say the same about your kitchen sink? Dirty plates, food and hands can leave your kitchen sink susceptible to dangerous accumulations of illness-inducing bacteria such as salmonella and E coli. The potential for cross-contamination of food is huge, so you should make the cleaning of your kitchen sink a daily priority.

The easiest way to kill germs quickly in a toilet is by using a bleach-based cleaner, but this approach is not appropriate for an area in which food is prepared. There are some very effective sanitiser sprays on the market, but replenishing them constantly will take a toll on your household budget. However, using the handheld, detachable unit of the Shark Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop will kill the vast majority of bacteria in your kitchen sink – and save you a small fortune over the course of your mop’s lifetime.

2. Your toothbrushes

A recent study revealed that the average used toothbrush contains more bacteria than the seat of a toilet. Toothbrushes are typically used at least twice every day, and their primary purpose is to keep teeth clean and free from high levels of bacteria. But how often do toothbrushes get cleaned in the average home? Usually never.

A toothbrush is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Not only does it sit in warm and damp conditions, it often sits by a sink where people wash their hands. Keep your toothbrushes where they can air dry relatively quickly, but make sure they are away from ‘splash zones’ around toilets, showers and sinks. If possible, store all your toothbrushes in their own containers or in a cupboard. And sanitise toothbrush holders once a week.

3. Cushions and throws

Even though your cushions and throws might look like they are in tip-top condition, they might be covered in bacteria, dead skin and dust mites. Make sure you are washing these items on at least a fortnightly basis.

4. Your kitchen bin

Wherever possible, you should try to put all your food waste straight into your main bin outside. However, when that is not practical, your kitchen bin will come into contact with a range of foods – some of which might harbour illness-inducing bacteria. Not only should you be cleaning your bin on a regular basis, you should be sanitising too. Make time at least once a week to take your kitchen bin outside to give it a good scrub. And always have a sanitising spray on hand to keep the lid and handles of your kitchen bin clean.

5. The inside of your dishwasher

You might think that a dishwasher is a self-cleaning kitchen appliance, but it needs regular cleaning just like anything else. In fact, the need to keep your dishwasher clean and sanitised is extremely important, as a dirty dishwasher can lead to dirty crockery and cutlery. Pay particular attention to the hidden recesses in the door, seals and filters. Some people start a wash cycle using bicarbonate of soda once a week to keep the inside of their dishwasher sparkling.

6. Door handles and switches

Light switches and door handles come into almost constant contact with human hands, and they can become covered in potentially harmful bacteria in the cleanest of houses. Give all the door handles in your home a quick wipe with an antibacterial wipe once a week, and do the same to all your light switches.

7. Lampshades

Lampshades can collect a serious amount of dust before it becomes obvious. It is therefore a good idea to add the cleaning of all your lampshades to your weekly rota of cleaning jobs. In most cases, you will be able to reach all the lampshades in your home with the various cleaning attachments of your Shark vacuum cleaner.

If you can clean all the ‘hidden’ areas of your home on a regular basis, these essential cleaning jobs will never take more than a few seconds. And your home will always look its very best.


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