6 Top Tips for Decorating Your Home with Fake Plants and Flowers

by SharkClean
on 24 December 2017

There is something so uplifting and natural about having plants and flowers in the home. However, they often need a degree of maintenance, and there’s always the possibility of pests to consider. A much easier option is to introduce fake foliage in your home — which involves no maintenance other than an occasional dusting.

But how do you make plastic plants and flowers come to life? Well, there are a few techniques you can use to ensure that your fakery delivers a natural aesthetic throughout your domain.

1. Research

Don’t just dive in and buy everything at your home improvement store. Use the likes of Pinterest to look for inspiration. Take these photos with you when you go shopping, but make sure they’re appropriate for your home and its existing decor. If you like the look of real plants in your garden or when you’re out and about, find out what they are, and look for high quality fake alternatives.

2. Look for quality

You will find a large selection of plastic plants and flowers at your local home improvement stores, but some look obviously fake because of the cheap plastics used. The best fake flowers, for instance, are often made with silk or a foam. If you want to choose fake plants that deliver the most natural aesthetic possible, choose plants that possess a plastic look and feel in nature — such as succulents and cacti.


Tip: Always view fake plants from all angles, and from varying distances. If it still looks like it came from the ground, it’s a great product.

3. Create natural features

You might find that some of the pots and accompanying features that come with fake plants are rather dreary and uninspiring. It’s great fun to use the fake plants to create your own features, using materials such as rock, sand and wood. You may also want to use different types of container in different areas of your home. Perhaps a glass vase will work in your kitchen, and a wooden plant box in your dining room. As long as your creation blends into its surroundings, allow your imagination to roam free!

4. Gather your props

There are several props you can use to make your fake plant displays look eye-catching. Look for real hanging baskets, boxes, planters and pots to give your creations an authentic look. You can even buy “simulated water” from florists and home improvement stores. If you really want to get creative, use an old home fish tank to create a spectacular display of your favourite fake plants.

5. Keep things fresh

… in more ways than one. Firstly, it’s always nice to give your plants a little fragrance of their own. You can do this with the help of essential oils. But keeping things fresh also pertains to where your fake plants are positioned. Experiment by placing your plants in different areas of each room.


Another way to keep things fresh involves keeping them seasonal. Create fake plant displays for every season, and bring them out of the loft at the appropriate times of the year. For instance, in Christmas, you might want to create some festive displays of holly and mistletoe.

6. Clean regularly

You won’t find dust on real plants, so don’t let it accumulate on your fake alternatives. Keep on top of cleanliness by vacuuming your plants once a week with the most appropriate attachment of your vacuum cleaner.


Taking the time to prepare and display your fake plants properly can help you to breathe new, natural life into your home.