5 ways to use Zoflora

Cleaning fans have long loved Zoflora’s concentrated disinfectants, recently made popular by Mrs Hinch and other cleaning influencers, which are designed to be diluted at home and available in an array of seasonal scents.

Can you put Zoflora in a Shark steam mop?

We are often asked “Can you put Zoflora in a steam mop?” The answer is no. You should only ever use tap water or distilled water in your Shark steam mop – don’t add any detergent or other cleaning solution. This would void your guarantee and could stop your steam mop from working properly.

What’s more, there’s no need to add cleaning products as Shark steam mops sanitise up to 99.9% of common household bacteria* using water alone!

Filling up shark steam mop using tap water

However, there are plenty of other clever ways to use Zoflora in your cleaning routine…

How and where to use Zoflora

  1. Spritz and spray
    Dilute 1 capful of disinfectant in 400ml of water in a spray bottle and use to disinfect the most-touched places in your home, such as door handles, banisters, taps and worktops.
  2. Take it outdoors
    To clean patios and flagstones, dilute into a mop bucket at a ratio of 1 capful to 400ml of water, pour the solution over your patio and use a hard-bristled sweeping brush to scrub it down. Rinse with clean water et voila – a refreshed outdoor area, ready for summer.
  3. Soak cleaning cloths and sponges
    Easily disinfect your cleaning cloths and sponges by soaking them overnight in diluted disinfectant.
  4. Remove pet odours from carpets
    Firstly, use a dedicated carpet cleaner remove any stains or pet accidents from the carpet or rug, following the manufacturer’s instructions. You can then wipe over the area with a damp cloth that has been soaked in diluted Zoflora to neutralise any odours and add a pleasant scent (always test cleaning solutions on an inconspicuous area first, to check colour fastness)
  5. Clean drains and pipes
    Wearing rubber gloves, use a bottle brush to remove any hair, dirt or debris from your drain, then pour in 2 capfuls of neat Zoflora. Leave for 5 minutes before allowing any water to flow through the drain.


*Sanitisation studies were conducted under controlled test conditions. Household conditions and results may vary.