5 healthy summer habits to start now

Are you looking forward to summer? It’s no surprise if the answer is a resounding “yes!”, with nearly two thirds of UK adults naming summer as their favourite season in a study by supermarket Waitrose.

The survey also found that barbecues, picnics and watching football in a pub beer garden topped our summer bucket lists.

Whatever you’re looking forward to this year, the change of seasons can see us packing our schedules with activities, holidays and trips, and looking at our priorities differently. Some people find summer to be overwhelming, due to disliking warmer weather or feeling stressed about social events, but it can be a great opportunity to relax.

It’s never too early to start preparing to take on a summer of fun. Ensuring you take care of yourself now can have you feeling healthier, happier and ready for seasonal changes to your routine.

Start these simple self-care habits now to fill your year with positive vibes…

  1. Get outside regularly
    No need to wait for the sun to start shining! A daily walk outside is a great way to ground yourself, reduce stress, get some fresh air and notice the nature around you (even in cities) – whatever the weather. Start now and it won’t seem like a big routine change when summer arrives (and if you don’t love warm weather, spring is the perfect time to get some sunshine while there is still a fresh breeze!)
  2. Make a feel-good playlist
    Music can be a quick, easy way to change your mood. Take a few minutes to create a playlist of those mood-boosting songs that always make you feel happy, and you’ll always have sunshine in your pocket! 
  3. Stay hydrated
    We know that drinking plenty of water is important when the weather is warm, but it’s not just important for staying cool – studies have found dehydration can impair your mood, memory, energy levels and lead to feelings of anxiety and fatigue. Start keeping a refillable bottle with you to help improve your summer health, and it will soon be part of your daily routine. 
  4. Schedule time for rest
    Humans are social creatures, so socialising with friends and community are important. But we also need time to rest, relax and recover – which can be difficult when your diary starts to fill up! Self-care is important so block out some time in your calendar to do whatever you find most relaxing, and commit to keeping those dates free for taking care of yourself. 
  5. Be kind to yourself
    How much of your day do you spend doing nice things for other people? Do you ever do nice things for yourself? Stopping to make yourself your favourite lunch, treating yourself to a face mask, asking yourself how you feel and addressing any concerns, or even just noticing something you like about yourself, can instantly leave you feeling more positive and motivated.